10 Tips to Design the Most Attractive Trade Show Booth

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 23, March, 2020

Exhibiting at trade shows is a vital part of many companies’ marketing efforts, and the competition for customer interest has only grown in recent years. Designing an attractive, eye-catching display is essential whether you own a small business or a larger company. The average trade show is a busy and crowded commerce arena with many exhibits vying for visitors’ attention. Trade show exhibitors have added any number of features to their booths in hopes of increasing customer interest and converting leads into sales. Modern trade show booths are no longer the box-like cubicles of the recent past with stacks of printed flyers for visitors to take with them. Some of the most effective booth designs emphasize clean lines, more open spaces, simplified lighting and interactive electronic displays.

A Visually Appealing Trade Show Booth is Essential

Putting together the most attractive trade show booth possible requires attention to both visual elements and to customer experiences. These steps include several key decisions, such as the presence of sales consultants, the use of video presentations and the addition of social media to marketing efforts. More intense competition among trade show exhibitors is one of the main reasons a visually appealing booth is so important. The average length of time to capture customers’ attention is only a few seconds, and the trade show booth’s design can be a deciding factor in some people’s decisions to stay and learn more about the available products or services.

10 Strategies for Designing a Sensational Trade Show Booth

The best trade show booths are designed to stand out from the competition and capture potential customers’ interest while still projecting a professional image. A number of successful companies use the following tips to plan and set up just such a trade show booth. Many report that their booth design plays an essential role in converting more leads into sales.

  1. Plan your booth design in smaller, manageable steps and delegate them wisely among employees.
  2. Make a detailed list of all elements your booth will include, such as videos, slide shows, live demonstrations or trial product samples for visitors to take with them.
  3. Incorporate your booth elements into a layout that flows naturally as customers walk through it. Consulting an interior design professional can yield some helpful ideas for this part of the design process.
  4. Research available spaces at the upcoming trade show and determine if you will need to make any adjustments to your booth design due to dimensional limits. Performing this step well in advance will avoid stressful last-minute changes that could possibly detract from your booth’s overall impression.
  5. When designing logos, slogans or other graphical elements for your display, do some research on current and projected trends in booth design. You do not need to copy someone else’s design entirely, but adding some popular elements will help to extend the average length of time each visitor stays at your booth.
  6. Less is more when it comes to trade show booth elements. Booths with stacks of products brochures and flyers can sometimes give visitors information-overload. A cleaner and more minimalist design can actually increase potential customer engagement.
  7. Keep lighting simpler and limited to only warm or cool tones. Multiple colored lights can become a distraction from your products or services in some instances. The same concept applies to fabric for trade show booth curtains if you want to include them. Clean lines and simpler colors present an uncluttered and professional appearance.
  8. Section your trade show booth into areas for customers to explore products on their own and other areas for them to talk to your sales personnel. Some exhibitors designate these areas “no-hassle” zones where visitors can form initial impressions of your products or services before listening to a sales presentation.
  9. Add social media and mobile technology interaction to your trade show booth. This trend is one of the fastest-growing ones among exhibitors, and many report noticeable growth in their sales numbers as a result. Customers’ ability to like an exhibitor on Facebook or follow them on Twitter from their smartphones has been proven to make more of an impact than a standard business card.
  10. Incorporate green design and materials into your trade show booth. Displays made from recycled and environmentally friendly building materials show buyers that your business practices sustainability efforts. Greening your trade show booth exhibit can also help attract a more environmentally conscious customer demographic.

Designing the most attractive booth takes some time, effort and budgeted company funds, but the results can pay off rather quickly. Customers need to get the impression that your business has something special to offer that they would not be able to find anywhere else. A modern, well-designed, interesting and attractive booth can go a long way towards creating this desired first impression. It also shows that you emphasize giving your customers the most updated information related to your products and providing them with the highest possible value for their money.

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