Attainably Sustainable: How to Go Eco-Friendly For Less

Attainably Sustainable: How to Go Eco-Friendly For Less

Posted on 18, September, 2023

Last Modified on 18, September, 2023

Whether your brand identity is tied to sustainability or you’re just looking to do your part, going eco-friendly with your event display is an exciting decision. There are many styles and options out there, such as wood frames, banners that can be recycled after use, or displays made out of recycled materials. There’s the perfect sustainable display out there for everyone, and that fits in every budget. That’s right, going green doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

New to the market is an engineered fiberboard that will have heads turning. While some recycled displays may look cheap or with compromised quality, these fiberboards are robust and fashionable.

The stark white surface can be custom printed to your exact specifications, giving you the quality of a luxury product while leaving you with stunning graphics that are printed with a non-toxic, water-based ink. This makes it so these displays can be recycled after use, though don’t think you’ll only get an event or two out of these.

Containing fibers recovered from recycled cardboard boxes, you may have your reservations, but we can assure you this material is anything but flimsy. It holds an impressive amount of weight – some products supporting over 100 lbs. – and is durable enough to be used over and over without compromising its quality, meaning your investment will go even further.

But maybe the best part of all is that these innovative fiberboard displays aren’t much of an investment at all! They are an affordable alternative to not only other eco-friendly displays, but also to traditional displays. A recyclable fiberboard event counter is a fraction of the cost of a standard trade show counter, while also having a sleek look and with an easy, tool-free assembly.

Choose one of these show-stopping sustainable products to complement your existing collection of displays, or choose to furnish your entire event space with these custom eco-friendly engineered fiberboard constructs for a sleek and cohesive look.

We’re proud to offer an ever-growing selection of these show stopping sustainable displays. Shop the entire collection here, including trade show counters, backwalls, shelving, and more.

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