Black Friday Retail Signage Ideas

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 23, March, 2020

Over 174 million people reportedly participated in retail shopping in 2017 over Thanksgiving Weekend, starting with the retail “holiday” Black Friday. 45% of those people made at least some of their purchases in-store.

Your retail signage displays play a huge role in the success of your company’s sales and execution of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.

Retail signage can also either positively or negatively contribute to the experience of the shopper. Well designed and well-placed signage can make a big difference for your customer’s experience on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season.

Knowledge Is Power: Giving customers all the information they need to know about your sales, hours, inventory or whatever other important facts that will affect their shopping experience. On Black Friday, shoppers may come in with a flyer or some sort of printed advertisement.  Having extra copies of that flyer on hand for them to grab once they get to the store in an organized, compact but noticeable Brochure Holder can help get the message and basic information is extremely helpful. It’s conveniently sized to fit anywhere on the sales floor without taking up valuable space but also makes it easy for customers to access important information. 

Crowd Control: For the safety of your store, the sanity of your staff working on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season, utilize crowd control retail products and solutions. Keep lines organized and identify sections of the store where certain sales or products are with the same tools. Cafe Barriers are extremely effective at keeping store sections and lines in order during busy sales and gives you the ability to promote your brand at the same time.

Indicate Sections: Help shoppers find the right areas to the products and sales they are looking during rushed shopping times like Black Friday. It’s important to cover all the bases by making important sections of your store properly indicated and easily seen. This is easy to and doesn’t even require you to take up more space on the sales floor if you use Poster Hangers that can hang from any ceiling or window. You could accomplish this by hanging a Vinyl Banner the same way.

If you have sections of the store that need to be easily identified that are near a window, there are several Window Cling options that are even easier to use as there are removable and repositionable styles available. 

Increase Sales, Decrease Long Lines with POP: Long lines are basically unavoidable on Black Friday and most days during the holiday shopping season. The shorter you can make your lines, the happier your customers will be. Point-of-Purchase signage is extremely versatile and important to your set up and sales. These displays can store products and make them easily identifiable and accessible, leading to more room to display them to increase sales. You can also use POP displays to serve as extra checkout areas in our of your store.

The Table Header Banner Package includes and over-the-top table header banner that increases the visibility of this display and comes with a custom printed table cover as well as a table top banner to complete the display. It’s great for drawing attention to extra merchandise and can be used to indicate an extra checkout area or product demonstration.

You can also use simple Custom Printed Table Covers to draw attention to POP table displays and extra checkout spaces as well.

Say Hello From The Outside: While it’s important to direct traffic and communicate messages to shoppers that are already in your store, that doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect outside or outward facing signage during the holiday shopping season. Wayfinding signage is just as important outdoors as it is inside of your store.

Unfortunately for shoppers on Black Friday, a lot of lines for sales start outside. Sidewalk Signs make it easy to direct shoppers where the line starts or just to indicate to other shoppers what deals you have going on, whether it’s Black Friday or other days during the holiday shopping season. Posters for all Sidewalk Signs are easy to change out in an instant, or you can opt to use the A-Frame Chalkboard Sign to write and re-write custom messages quickly. 

Window Graphics in all styles are also good for indicating sales and especially store hours facing outward from inside your store at any time during the season.

Be Festive: Holiday signage is important and can be extremely effective at boosting your sales and improving customers shopping experience while at your store. It’s also just as important to get into the holiday spirit with your customers. Don’t forget to be festive with your displays all around your store with holiday décor or even music, to help keep customers cheery and in the holiday spirit through the crowded lines all season.

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