Creative Uses For Custom Signage

Posted on 12, May, 2023

Last Modified on 12, May, 2023

Custom signage is all around you. In fact, it’s so prevalent in our every day lives that we hardly notice it’s there anymore. But if it was gone, we would notice in an instant, because custom signage is how so much information is relayed to us. Wayfinding, notices of sales and promotions, business or event information – these are just some of the nearly everyday types of signage you might encounter.

So, if you thought custom signage was limited to trade shows, think again. Different types of displays can be used outside of events and can help you get way more mileage out of your custom signage investment.

We’ve gathered some of our top products in this article to show you various ways these types of displays can be used. From storefronts to birthday parties, we hope you’ll walk away from this with some custom signage inspiration of your own!

Hanging Banners

It doesn’t get much more versatile than a hanging banner. With so many different styles and substrates available, we bet you could find a use for a hanging banner for just about anything. These inexpensive signage solutions are great ways to advertise upcoming events, such as a karaoke night at your favorite restaurant or a craft fair at a park in town. Choose vinyl or mesh for outdoor advertising and add grommets to make installing your banner a breeze.

Don’t have an event to advertise? Hang a vinyl banner in your office lobby to welcome guests into your space. Hanging banners are a great way to greet students as they arrive to school each morning, whether you’re cheering on academics or your school’s sports teams. Hang team schedules for everyone to see to encourage your students to attend more events, or advertise plays, prom, or other activities to get everyone excited.

Hanging banners aren’t just limited to schools, businesses, or community events. Because of how affordable and adaptable these types of signage are, consider using them as banners for personal events like welcoming home a loved one, birthday parties, or baby or bridal showers.

Hanging banners are available in a variety of substrates and with multiple placement options. If you’re a vendor at a craft fair or farmer’s market, look for hanging banners made specifically for tents, or street pole banners if you’re a town planner looking to relay news or bring a little color to the community.

Tabletop Banners

Banners are the star of any event, tabletop banners especially. These small but mighty displays are the perfect way to grab the attention of passersby and relay important information that will help you make connections at your show. But what if we told you there were other uses for tabletop banner stands outside of the trade show floor?

Tabletop banners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, meaning you can find the perfect tabletop banner to fit your needs. Retractable, X-frame, wood, pop up, tension fabric – there’s a style banner for everyone. Tabletop banners are perfect for those who need something lightweight that they can easily transport from location to location and set up without any hassle, such as pop-up boutiques looking to get their brand name out there no matter where they’re set up on any given day.

Perfect for use around the community, try a tabletop banner to advertise events at the library, or to display office hours at your reception desk. Because these types of displays are relatively inexpensive, they are excellent for cases where you need to share information in several different locations without having to break the bank on signage. Use them throughout campus to relay essential information to students, and when the event passes or the material becomes dated, simply buy a replacement graphic and reuse your hardware.


Think a backdrop is going to be a tough sell if you won’t be exhibiting at a trade show? Well, wait until you hear what we have to say on the various uses of backdrops outside of the exhibition hall.

A backdrop is a seriously impressive way to grab attention no matter where you are. Use it in your office lobby with vivid graphics displaying product or service imagery or even company history as a way to wow visitors and educate them about your business. Choose an illuminated backdrop if you really want your message to pop!

Use backdrops on wheels as dividers in places that require privacy, such as blood drives or to create versatile, dedicated collaboration areas in your office. Or purchase a green screen backdrop on wheels or to attach to a chair back to aid you in creating eye-catching digital content for your social media followers.

If green screens aren’t your thing but you still want a branded background for videos and photographs, a backdrop with a step and repeat pattern is an excellent way to get your brand noticed.

Trade Show Counters

A trade show counter is more than just a display to greet people into your trade show booth- it is also a great branded opportunity to let people know what you’re all about! Use a custom printed counter anywhere you want to display products or information at eye-level to grab the attention of guests, customers, or even just passersby.

These lightweight, portable solutions are easy to take on the go so you can get your brand out in front of a crowd no matter where you need to be. Use them to hold raffle drums for a contest in your store or restaurant, or custom print election information onto the substrate and use the counter to hold ballot boxes at your school.

Pair with a tabletop banner stand for double the real estate for your brand or your message. Use the trade show counter to draw people in and the banner to relay information about your school, products, services, promotions, and more.


Tents are for more than just outdoor trade shows. Whether you pick a solid color canopy or choose to have one custom printed, a tent is great for any occasion that takes you outdoors.

Sell the wares from your side hustle at a farmer’s market or vendor show, and use an eye-catching custom branded tent to draw in customers. Protect yourself from the elements as you hand out water at a local 5K or other outdoor events, or keep yourself and refreshments cool at a fair or festival while also giving attendees a place to take a break from the weather.

Add an extra special touch to an outdoor wedding or birthday party and use a custom tent with a table beneath it to hold favors or gifts. Use to tailgate in style at your favorite team’s sporting events, or keep your items safe from the sun at your next yard sale. Or you can even add a screen and a projector and use your pop up tent as an outdoor movie theater. Custom tents are perfect for company cookouts, school orientations, or anywhere you want all eyes on you.

Canopy tents are easy to set up and take down, and store well between events especially when kept in a storage tote. Transport them from location to location with no hassle, and spread your brand message even further!

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