Display a Timeline of your Company’s History with a Removable Wall Decal

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 23, March, 2020

Want your customers to realize that your restaurant has lasted 40 years in the ever-changing and often competitive food industry? Need to illustrate the evolution of your small business with a depiction of the history of your brand? Let the public know the numerous years your company or organization has endured with a custom timeline that details your past and projects into the future. Print a timeline of important events and figures of your café, university or museum with a custom printed removable wall decal from Post-Up Stand.

Utilizing a removable wall decal emblazoned with your professional timeline in the waiting room or entryway of your business or organization establishes a credible history for the public, customers or guests to see. Map your business or university from birth to the present day with a long wall décor display that can be easily repositioned or removed repeatedly without compromising the wall or flat surface you have displayed your custom decal on.

Take a note from Youngstown State University, which is based in Ohio. Post-Up Stand recently created a timeline of the evolution of 3D printing for the university’s McDonough Museum of Art. The timeline was printed on an adhesive to adhere to three walls in the facility to create a progressive history that could be followed from the inception of 3D printing to the uses of the innovative printing technique today. The simple presentation of 3D printing was both informative and visually appealing, illustrating the technological advances that have occurred in the printing process while creating a work of art for the university.

Many museums showcase the growth of the facility with informative timelines at the entryway of the building. Newly renovated public buildings, churches or community centers will show the public the plans for expanding their facilities with a timeline of their building additions chronologically by year or month. This makes it easy for others to monitor and see the progress of a facility’s expansion, including new additions, parking spaces or updates.

Wall decals are the perfect display tool to showcase your organization’s history or renovations since they do not take up additional floor space. Since the printed décor is directly attached to an interior wall and is devoid of bulky hardware or a free-standing frame, it becomes a space-saving display that is still visually effective and makes an impact. When renovations are complete, simply pull of the decal from the wall and save for another day or display space.

Post-Up Stand is able to print custom high-resolution photos that are received from the customer. Personal photos, professional images or informative text is printed on the adhesive vinyl by large format digital printers, creating vibrant color output and sharp graphics.

Graphic design services are also available to help create the artwork or timeline to help meet the customer’s standards and liking. Our talented in-house graphic designers will work one-on-one with you to create a custom timeline that fits your organization and illustrates your history or newly renovated campus. Showcase your history to propel your business into the future with custom wall decal featuring your personalized timeline.

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