How to Hang Your Vinyl Banner

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 23, March, 2020

Vinyl banners are versatile printed signs that can be displayed in a variety of ways. Whether you are looking to suspend your vinyl banner from the ceiling or attach it to the outside of a building, you can utilize different accessories and methods of showcasing your vibrant indoor/outdoor vinyl banner. The following are some ways to hang your vinyl banner:

Rope: Hang your banner on any free-standing structure, such as a building or fence, by using rope. Loop rope through the aluminum grommets on your banner and fasten to a pillar or pole. Place a grommet in each corner if you will be using rope to connect the sign to structures on either side of the display, or simply let the bottom of the vinyl banner hang loose with top grommets.

Bungee Cords: Bungee cords are ideal for stretching your banner taut and attaching to any nearby structure. Add aluminum grommets in each corner of your banner and attach one end of the bungee cord to the hole. Secure the other end of the bungee cable to a fence or around a free-standing pole to securely showcase your banner.

Zip Ties: Zip ties are the easiest way to securely attach your outdoor vinyl banner to a chain-link fence. Add grommets around all four sides of your banner, preferably every two feet if you have a larger sign, and loop zip ties through the holes. Wrap the ends of the zip ties around the fence and secure. Tighten your zip ties completely to ensure moderate winds will not disrupt your display.

Washers and Screws: For a more permanent fix, attach your banner to an interior or exterior wall by utilizing screws and washers. To reinforce the holes, place washers behind the grommets and lay the banner flat on a wall. Drive screws through the grommets and washers for a permanent solution to displaying your banner.

Flag Poles and Brackets: Attaching your vinyl banner to a streetlight or pole is easy with the help of flag poles and a bracketing system. Add pole pockets to the top and bottom of your banner and feed poles horizontally through the banner sleeves. Connect the poles to the brackets on your vertical pole. Request double-sided vinyl banners so your message can be seen from both directions.

Backdrop Frame: A free-standing backdrop frame can display your vinyl banner at a trade show or special event. Insert top and bottom pole pockets on your banner and slide the hardware horizontally through the banner sleeves. Then, continue by following the instructions for setting up your stand.

Poster Hanging Kit: A poster hanging kit allows you to suspend your vinyl banner from a drop-tile ceiling or directly from a storefront window. Insert the top and bottom of your banner into the snap-shut grips, or insert the top and bottom poles into your pole pockets. Attach your banner to a ceiling with “S” hooks or fasten your banner to a window by attaching suction cup to your banner holders.

Caring for your vinyl banner is simple. Here are a few things to remember to keep your banner looking new after repeated uses:

  • Gently roll your banner with the graphics facing inwards to protect the print from scratches when storing your display
  • Never fold your banner to store because wrinkles can form
  • Do not store your banner in extremely high temperatures
  • Clean gently with soapy water or mild household cleaners
  • Do not scrub your banner or clean with abrasive chemicals
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