Make the Most of Your Event Stage Purchase by Adding Personalized Accessories

Posted on 13, June, 2023

Last Modified on 13, June, 2023

An event stage is a smart investment for anyone looking to add an extra touch of professionalism to their events. Perfect for everything from graduations to church functions, performances, and fundraising, an event stage setup is an excellent way to make your event a success.

Event stages also present the opportunity to make your function memorable by adding a personalized touch on the platform. Make your stage look exactly the way you want it to by adding one or more of the items listed below.


Set the scene with a backdrop that will give your stage kit a polished look. A popup backdrop is a great solution that can be set up and broken down quickly by just one person, making it the perfect choice for anyone with a small staff or limited time. Custom print images that capture the essence of your event or create a step and repeat pattern with your logo and event information to make a backdrop that is perfect for photo opportunities. Use for pictures of graduates crossing the stage to receive their degrees or guests of honor being distinguished with awards from your organization.

When choosing a backdrop make sure you take into consideration the size of your platforms. Too large of a backdrop might make your stage look crowded or not fit at all, while too small will leave it disproportionate. With a variety of sizes and styles of backwalls available, you should be able to find the perfect solution for your event.


If there will be a speaker at your event, a podium is a must have. This gives them a place to rest the notes they need, whether that’s the names of graduates receiving degrees or cues to help them throughout their speech.

Podiums are available in a variety of styles, from traditional wood lecterns to sleek, modern acrylic podiums. If you’re looking to add an even more personalized touch, go for a podium with custom printed graphics that you can design to fit your event’s exact needs.


A smaller event stage kit might lend itself better to banners than it does backwalls. You can choose the banner that is right for your event, whether that’s a standard retractable banner offered in multiple sizes, a wood banner stand to help show your commitment to sustainability, or even an illuminated banner to help keep all eyes on your stage.

Custom print any information you’re looking to relay to your audience, whether that’s a program with names of speakers, a list of top graduates or donors, or simply imagery to add a bit of visual interest to your stage.


If your event requires multiple people to be on the stage at once, such as if you have several speakers, don’t forget to provide chairs for them so they can sit comfortably as they await their turn to speak. This will help avoid fatigue and keep them at the top of their game so they can give a speech to remember. The size of your stage and what other items are on it should be considered when deciding how many chairs to offer. If there’s too much on the event stage it may look too busy and will be distracting to the audience, in which case you may want to consider putting your chairs off of the stage but nearby so speakers don’t have far to go when they’re up.


You want to keep your audience engaged, so adding décor is an excellent way to help them connect with you. Plants can be a nice touch to help your stage look a little more homey, and can also help showcase your dedication to the environment. Small tables with items on top such as photographs or even easels showing the art that is being auctioned are both practical and stylish. Don’t be afraid to get creative – after all this is your event and you want the items on your event stage to be a reflection of your organization.

Purchasing an event stage is just the beginning of preparing for your event. You need to make sure you’re showing your audience the best side of you by adding custom touches that will keep them engaged. Whether you go big or small with your stage accessories, adding personalization for your organization will make it an event to remember.

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