Post Up Stand Celebrates International Print Day 2018

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 23, March, 2020

International Print Day was created to celebrate the world of printing, from projects big and small. Printing began as one of the first major communication mediums and still holds important value for a number of reasons. Search for #IDP18 on Twitter to read about all the ways print impacts our daily lives and why it’s so important. Use the hashtag to tweet about how you use printed projects in your everyday life.

This  article notes interesting research that shows why print remains an effective tool for readers and companies who utilize printed communication tools.

What Post Up Stand Does for You

There are many types of printing services, technologies and materials that you can take advantage of as a Post Up Stand customer. Here are some numbers and information that show how much Post Up Stand is capable of doing for any one order, no matter how big or small.

27: Total printing machines that Post Up Stand owns and uses that helps to produce large quantity jobs of any offered material type or style of print and graphics.

These 27 machines include:

  • Flatbed UV printers
  • Direct to fabric printers
  • Mimaki Dye Sublimation printers (Up to 126” in roll size)
  • Mimaki JV Printers (uses solvent inks and prints up to 96” in roll size)
  • Canon Printers that use aqueous (water based) ink
  • Mimaki UCJV300-160 64" UV (Our newest machine that is a high spec model with 4-layer and 5-layer print functions that use UV LED lights to cute the ink when printing, as well as cuts the custom material it is printing on)

8: Types of materials that Post Up Stand can print on. This includes: Vinyl, Backlit Material, Rigid Materials, Adhesive products, Textiles (Fabrics), Flag Material, Magnets and Window Clings.

Dye Sub Printing: We can print on fabrics in different ways. The use of multiple heat presses and direct to fabric printers allows us to complete many dye sub fabric printing projects with a great deal of accuracy and efficiently. Dye sublimation transfers the ink into the fabric material, locking it in to create vibrant, long lasting full color images that allow these printed fabric materials to be used several times without the print fading. Dye sublimation printing on fabric also allows you to machine wash your fabric prints in cold water and tumble dry without losing your vibrant, full color graphics.

UV Printing: The ink used in UV printers is cured to the material it is printed on using UV LED lights. This allows for instant drying to the material to lock in colors in a captivating way that is used on a variety of substrates. Instead of the substrate absorb into the paper, the lights dry it into the material which reduces issues such like dotting or smudges. UV printing also gives customers the option of printing their image on non-traditional materials.

MultiCam Digital Cutter: One of the newest additions to Post Up Stand’s technology force is the MultiCam Digital Cutter. This high-efficiency machine is not only improving the speed and accuracy of our production process, but also allows you to have your custom graphics printed on a number of unique, non-traditional substrates. The MultiCam Cutter also allows those materials such as acrylic, wood, magnets and more to be cut into custom shapes to fit unique graphics, decals or logos.

Graphic Design Services: You can take advantage of our talented in-house graphic designers who use the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite to produce attention-grabbing marketing designs for displays of any kind no matter your business or industry. You can request custom banner artwork as well as designs for almost any printed project you can think of.

To celebrate International Print Day, Post Up Stand customers can use promo code (IPD18) on October 17, 2018 only! Us the code at checkout to receive a 10% discount on all* purchases!

(*This promo code is not applicable towards Trade Show Packages or Graphic Design services and cannot be combined with other offers.)

Printed Media Center, which is responsible for creating International Print Day, points out in its mission statement aims to promote printing and share information about the community around the world.

“To provide education and information to the global print and integrated marketing community through 24-HR OPEN KNOWLEDGE SHARING!

To provide participants access to information about global companies, products and services.

To provide participants global networking opportunities.

To provide the industry with a unifying yearly event, created by the community for the community, and use social media to deliver the content!”

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