Questions to Ask Before Your Trade Show Display Purchase

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 23, March, 2020

A trade show display is a significant business purchase. Reserving a booth space at a trade show and factoring in travel and other amenities makes it even more of an investment. Before purchasing a trade show display there are a few questions you should ask and answer to help make the right decision.

Q: How many shows will I exhibit at?
Even if it’s one, a few or many, there are many different trains of thought. If it will be just one show or few, maybe you want to keep your costs low and buy a smaller display. You could also reason if you’re exhibiting at a few shows at most, you can buy that big booth display and try to get the most out of that one or two shows by ‘wowing’ the attendees and blow away your competitors.

If you’re exhibiting at several shows year-round, you’ll more than likely want to spend some extra money on high quality display items that will hold up over the long term but also realizing your graphics may need to change based on the time of year.

Q: Do I have to design my own booth display?
Speaking of graphics, if you or any graphics person on your staff does not have any experience creating trade show display graphics, you may want to seek professional help. Trade show display retailers may have a graphic designer you can have help with your needs but you certainly want someone with experience designed the graphics for your display.

Q: Where will I store it?
Trade show display exhibits and products take up a lot of space. When deciding what size you want for your show, consider how much room you have at your business to store the display or weigh the costs of a storage facility.

Q: How accessible is the supplier’s customer service?
Picking a supplier that has good customer service communication will help with getting your display created just the way you envisioned it. If you have any questions along the way, picking a supplier with great customer service means you won’t struggle to get answers.

Q: Does this display have replacement parts available for it?
You may eventually want to change your graphics on your trade show display. Buying a display from a supplier that offers replacement posters or even replacement hardware will save you from spending more money on a full display replacement.

Q: How is it printed?
Picking a trade show display supplier that uses the best and latest printing technologies gives you the best chance at having high quality display graphics.

Q: What is the fabric quality?
You don’t want to be cheap when it comes to fabric quality and you don’t want to use a supplier that prints on cheap quality fabrics. Higher quality fabrics like dye sub fabrics; polyester satin and canvas don’t crease or rip easily and hold up better over the long term, which saves you money.

Q: Will I have the same booth size every show?
If you always plan on renting the same booth space at every trade show, buying a display that only fits one size booth should work. If you are unsure of availability at future shows or different shows having different prices for certain sized booths you may want to either save money on a display, purchase one that is a little more one-size-fits-all or purchase an adjustable backdrop for your booth so you’re covered.

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