Teardrop vs Feather Banners – The Complete Guide

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 02, May, 2023

Flag banners are great means of advertising your business’s products or services at both indoor and outdoor venues. Your logo and marketing message can be screen-printed in vibrant colors on durable fabric that stands up to the elements. Flags work well for trade show booths, outdoor events and for advertising on the exterior of your place of business. They’re especially effective for outdoor advertising where your business gets a lot of foot traffic. You can also use flag banners on your sales floor or office lobby to promote special events or limited-time-only sales. The two most popular types of flag banners are teardrop and feather flags, and they get their names from their sizes and shapes. Depending on your venue, one of these flag banners may be the best choice.

What’s The Difference?

Feather flags are shaped like narrow rectangles, and they usually vary in length with a fixed width. Our feather flags sizes range from 25” by 120” and go up to 25” by 216” in width by length measurements. Teardrop banners are roughly shaped like large drops of water, hence their name. Like feather flags, they come in varying heights and widths, from 28” by 84” to 39” by 180”. Teardrop flag banners tend to be more expensive overall, which is a consideration for your marketing budget.

Teardrop Banners: Benefits and Drawbacks

These flag banners are somewhat larger than feather flags, which makes them great choices for outdoor advertising. The curved banner stand is attached to the base with a bungee cord, giving the flag banner its unique shape. Though you can assemble this type of flag banner by yourself, it’s often quicker and a bit easier with two people completing the task. Teardrop banners can also sometimes fall over in high winds, but you can purchase water or sand bags to further stabilize these banners when you’re displaying them outdoors.

Feather Flags: Advantages and Disadvantages

Somewhat smaller size choices are the main drawbacks of feather flag banners, though high quality ones are made with a state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process. Once your custom digital image is submitted and approved, a heat press is used to transfer the image onto the banner fabric so that the colors and lines become part of the fabric itself. This print process creates bright, vibrant flag banners that resist fading or other wear and tear. Due to the construction of the stand’s framework, feather flags are a little easier to assemble, though they still take only a few minutes to set up and take down at your next marketing event.

Both feather flag banners and teardrop banners come with a choice of a wide base or a stake for you to use to drive the assembled banners into the soft ground before stabilizing them with a sand bag. Fold-up stands collapse and unfold with tripod legs, and both banner kits come with all parts in a durable zip-up tote bag for easy transport. Another big advantage to both teardrop and feather flag banners is that all parts are relatively lightweight, making it easy to store the entire banner kit when not in use.

Ordering Custom Flag Banners

Feather flag banners and teardrop banners can both be rendered with high quality printing processes on durable synthetic fabrics, so they should last for years without fading or tearing. As you update your current marketing messages or add new business contact information, you can order replacement banners of either type quickly and efficiently.

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