The Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Retractable Banner Stands

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 23, March, 2020

It is fair to say that the world of trade shows, exhibitions and outdoor fairs has exploded in recent years as businesses and organizations have sought out new ways of advertising and promoting their products and services. As a result retractable banner stands have become the new “must haves” for companies looking to take full advantage.

The benefits of using retractable banner stands are well documented – they are portable, convenient and draw attention– but what about choosing one? Which option is right for you? Well, the four top tips for choosing the right retractable banner stand to suit your needs can be found below.

Tip one: make the most of versatility

Versatility is the key to choosing a retractable banner stand if you need one for a range of shows, specifically whether you plan to use your retractable banner outdoors or indoors. This is vital in selecting the right banner because of the conditions that it will be used in. Outdoor banners have a whole range of features that make them highly versatile, including but not limited to a durable scrim vinyl to prevent graphics fading in the sun and the ability to remain upright in the face of even the most aggressive winds and prevent the screen retracting.

In short, no matter what the conditions are, an outdoor retractable banner stand will not let you down. It would stay upright in the face of a mild hurricane and its colors would still be bright if it were left in the desert sun. Indoor retractable banners, on the other hand, are designed to be perfect for use at indoor trade shows because they do not have any of the advantages that outdoor banners do. Imagine an indoor trade show – the temperature will be constant, the lighting fluorescent and the wind – non-existent! Perfect! Chasing an indoor banner through an outdoor exhibition as it blows away is not so good though so be sure to choose the right one. If you are not sure then an outdoor banner may be the best investment.

Tip two: the more you use your banner, the higher the quality you choose

Before you choose a retractable banner stand, you need to estimate how often you will need one. Do you plan on going to trade shows twice a year or are you planning on going to several in the next six months? Budget stands are ideal for sporadic use because they cost significantly less than those of a higher quality but do the job. However, they also have a tendency to develop defects if you repeatedly use them. Getting to a trade show and finding that your banner is ripped, will not unravel or keeps retracting for no reason is hardly the way to create a good impression. The premium line of stands is of a much better quality and often come with a manufacturers’ warranty. As such, the more often you use your banner and the longer it is expected to stand for, the higher the quality you should choose.

Tip three: size matters!

When it comes to size, you might not know where to start but your retractable banner should be the right size for its purpose. Banners generally come in widths of 9” to 60” and up to 7′ in height so how do you choose? Well, first things first, you have to consider the size of your booth. If you have a standard booth of 10′ squared then a retractable banner half that size would overpower the rest of the marketing tools used, but a 10” banner would be swamped. As such, a 33” banner would achieve the right balance, attracting attention but not appearing to be too intimidating. The general rule is that a banner should not get in the way of potential customers but should do enough to pull them in.

Tip four: promote your best interests

Do you need to change the banner graphics and messages? This may not be a question that you have considered but the type of retractable banner stand you will need depends on how many times you plan to use it for different promotions. If you want to use a banner for a specific purpose throughout its lifetime, such as displaying your business logo or advertising your flagship product, then you need a fixed graphic cassette. However, if you have a rotating product line and regularly change promotions and need the retractable banner to serve a marketing purpose then you will need an interchangeable graphic cassette to give you the option to change the display graphics as and when you like. After all, displaying your latest offers on a poster that is taped to a banner hardly screams “professional”.

As you can see, there are various points to consider when buying the right retractable banner stand so make sure that you have thought about your options before you make the final decision. As a marketing tool, it can be vital in attracting attention so make sure your choice ultimately works for you and provides the best return possible.

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