Trade Show Hanging Banners Benefits

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 23, March, 2020

Hanging banners for trade shows and marketing events help attendees locate your booth space, and your brand recognition in an impactful way by taking advantage of all the marketing space available to you. Trade show hanging banners feature custom printed tension fabric banners and dye sublimated graphics that are suspended from the ceiling above your booth. The location, graphics and size of hanging banners allows your brand and presence to be seen from every possible angle at any convention center, maximizing your reach and ability to compete with any company in highly attended trade shows and conventions.

Why you should use a hanging trade show banner above your booth

  • Overhead signs are impossible to miss, helping with brand recognition. Trade show hanging banners help ensure that your presence at the event is easily visible and stands out in an impactful way to set you up for success.
  • Hanging displays help people navigate the busy trade show floor and locate your booth thanks to its overall size and how it is displayed. Size and location aren’t the only reason why hanging banners are so important and impactful. The size and location help with visibility, but with any trade show banner, especially ones this significant, graphics are an important factor.  
  • Your brand will be front and center. Trade shows and conventions are crowded with businesses competing for attention from people attending the show or convention who often have major buying power and influence at their company. The impressive graphics and material with a hanging sign that suspends overhead your trade show booth will maximize your business’ exposure and grab the attention of everyone at the show from anywhere in the building.

Hanging Trade Show Signs combine high visibility displays with custom, dye-sublimated printed graphics on a durable stretch fabric banner material.

Assembling Your Trade Show Booth Hanging Banners

Each style of the Hanging Trade Show Signs; Square, Round, and Wave, have numbered aluminum tubes that make up the frame by connecting with push pin locks. Once the frame is assembled, the tension fabric banner slips over the frame, giving it a taut appearance that looks professional and takes on the shape of the hardware frame.

All the hardware needed to hang each style of sign is included with each order to make suspending the banner from above your booth much simpler. While you may be able to assemble the banner by yourself by slipping it over the frame, you will likely need to a staff member from the convention center or building to install the overhead trade show sign. 

Trade Show Hanging Banner Graphics

Hanging banner signs at trade shows are designed to get noticed. Having your overhead sign above your booth is important for your brand’s visibility at a trade show or event, but its graphics are what delivers the results you’re looking for.

Hanging signs are a big investment for your trade show booth so you’re going to want to be careful about the details of your graphics and messaging for these signs.

The tension fabric banners for your hanging signage features dye-sublimated printed graphics, putting the inks directly into the fabric to lock in the colors for long lasting usage that keeps its impressive look. Dye-sublimated graphics produce colors vividly and make all images or messages sharp and crystal clear, so they’re easy to see and read.

Trade Show Hanging Banners Graphics Tips

  • The graphics printed on your trade show hanging signs at trade shows are referred to as ‘long range graphics.’ This type are graphics that can be identified from a significant distance, which is one of the goals you should have for these displays and from your trade show graphics. Use these banners and graphics to promote brand visibility and booth location identification.  
  • Don’t include too much text or elements on hanging signage. Make it simple to read and just use it to help commit your brand to attendee’s memories. Save specific information for booth graphics. 
  • Stick to one or two fonts. You want your company’s name and maybe a tag line printed on the banner. Using too many fonts can make the display distracting and hard to read. Easy and memorable are your goals for these banners. 
  • Hire a professional to perfect your design. If you’ve never created a design for a large banner or don’t know how to scale your logo or text properly to fit the unique shapes of these banners, make sure someone on staff has the experience or use the printers graphic design services. Hanging trade show banners are heavy hitting displays. If you want to knock your graphics out of the park, trust an expert.
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