What’s New at Post Up Stand?

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 23, March, 2020

What’s new at Post Up Stand?

In January alone, we added five new promotional display items and products to help keep you on top of the competition when it comes to extending the reach and visibility of your brand and business. In the competitive and evolving world of marketing, we’ve added and will continue to add custom printed promotional displays and items that will be memorable at any type of event.  

Checkout some of our newest products for yourself so you don’t miss out any item that’s perfect for your next event.

Curved LUX SEG Backlit Pop Up Display

Backlit displays are taking over the trade show and promotional event marketing scene. To keep up with demand so you can stand out from the crowd at your events, we added another Backlit Pop Up Display to our LUX collection. The Curved LUX combines a curved pop- up frame, LED lights and SEG backlit banners with dye-sub graphics to give your brand and business a look that will stand out and stick event attendees and customers. Our LUX collection makes backlit displays more accessible, easy to use and afford so you can have a LED backlit display that gets results for your business.

LUX SEG Backlit Podium

In addition to the Curved LUX, you can also add a backlit podium to your event display with the LUX SEG Backlit Podium. Engage customers and event attendees from an acrylic countertop space above LED  lights and a custom printed SEG backlit fabric banner. Countertop    podiums are a great upgrade to traditional trade show and event tables and the backlit LED display makes it easier to you to encourage event attendees to interact with your brand. There’s even a hidden shelf below the countertop so you can store some extra trade show   swag and other promotional items with your countertop.

Custom Printed Coasters

Speaking of trade show swag and promotional items, Custom Printed coasters are a great giveaway item at trade show and marketing events. The best branded trade show swag is usually a product that attendees will get some use from and will remember your brand by how often they use that giveaway item.New Custom Coasters aren’t just for trade show exhibitors and brands. They make perfect, unique save-the-date mailers for your upcoming wedding and a great wedding favors and table items as well.

You can choose square or round coasters in quantities from 50 to 500. These coasters aren’t just your typical cardboard throwaways, either. They’re made of a PVC material that’s longer lasting and can showcase better, UV printed graphics.

High Rise Square Backlit Trade Show Tower

The new LUX isn’t the only new backlit addition at Post Up Stand. 3-D trade show towers give you broader reach without taking up extra space in your trade show booth or event space. The High Rise Square Backlit Trade Show Tower reaches event attendees from all aisles     and angles with four sides of custom printed graphics on backlit fabric with LED lights inside an 8’H frame. Fully surrounding graphics, LED lights and the tall frame all you to make your presence known from anywhere on a crowded trade show or convention center floor.

Wave Café Barrier

For events, or sales in your store and even just promoting your restaurant or diner, promotional direction signage is a must have to direct foot traffic, giving customers a call to action about what to do and where to go. The new Wave Café Barrier allows you to do that indoors or outdoors in good weather with a tension fabric banner and dye-sub printed graphics on an easy to set up aluminum frame. Options like plain stanchions and small throwaway directional signage might direct traffic or organize lines, but you’re missing out on additional marketing opportunities and important visibility to your business. The dual-benefits of directional, organizing and call to action signage and double-sided graphics make the Wave Café Barrier a much better crowd control signage or barrier option that unmarked displays or event rental options.  

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