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COVID-19 Signage & Solutions

In solidarity with businesses, health care centers, testing facilities and more, we are proud to offer COVID-19 signs. We have created a curated selection of key products with simple, straightforward messaging that includes coronavirus closure signs, curbside pickup and social distancing signs. The COVID-19 signage that we have created is available with messages such as:

  • Encouraging Social Distancing
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Temporary Closures
Do I Need Coronavirus Signage?

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, related signs can help assure your customers, patrons, guests and patients that you are dedicated to helping #flattenthecurve while providing important information regarding the state of your business. If you are able to remain open, if you are temporarily closed, or if you are providing services directly related to helping to stop the spread of the virus, there is a message for you. Clearly communicating is key to ensuring both the safety of your patrons and your business. We are proud to offer printed signs, as well as free printable signs.

What Types of Coronavirus Signs Are Offered?
  • Floor decals: Coronavirus floor decals are a simple and effective tool to ensure proper social distancing. Adhere these 2' x 2' stickers onto the floor of your business to inform where to stand. These decals are made from a material that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can be positioned on indoor flooring, like carpet and tile, and even outside in parking lots or on sidewalks.
  • Window Clings: COVID 19 window signs can inform patrons, guests or patients of temporary closures or curbside pickup. The 2' x 2' glass clings work on interior windows of offices or shopping centers, or on the inside of outer facing windows for passersby outside.
  • X-Frame Banners: It doesn't get more affordable than these cheap COVID-19 signs. A lightweight frame with simple messaging is ideal for indoor environments. These banners ship compactly, and at a price point of less than $100, these are the perfect floor-standing cornavirus signs to purchase in bulk.
  • A-Frame Signs: The A-frame, or sidewalk sign is the ubiquitous workhorse of the display family. A sandwich sign is ideal for drive-by messaging, sidewalks or outdoor spaces.
  • Outdoor Banner Stands: If you need a larger-format message in outdoor environments, this is the right choice. This retractable banner is designed to withstand the elements with ground stakes, a wind-resistant and rust-proof design. A large 33" x 79" double-sided canvas ensures your message is seen.
  • Retractable Banners: Similar to the outdoor banner stand, this is a price-friendly indoor version, also available in a 33" width.
  • Hanging Vinyl Banners: This familiar form is often seen advertising restaurant specials, sporting events at local schools, or other retail messaging. The stock messages for coronavirus hanging banners include 'Temporarily Closed' and 'Curbside Pickup'.
What Messages Are Available for COVID-19 Signage?
  • Social Distancing - Stand Here: Keep patrons a safe distance apart with social distancing signs.
  • Temporarily Closed: Communicate that you are not currently open for business, but plan to return.
  • Curbside Pickup: Ideal for foodservice establishments and non-essential businesses that are offering online ordering with curbside pickup.
  • Please Wait In Car: Again, ideal for foodservice and retail businesses, but also ideal for Drive Up testing sites.
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