Sustainable Solutions - Stand Out While Making a Difference

Tabletop Wood Banner Stand

When it comes to exhibiting at a trade show or event, don't limit yourself to the standard aluminum display. Stand out from the crowd while also making a difference with Post Up Stand's eco-friendly solutions to exhibiting. From banners and signs to trade show counters and literature holders, our sustainable solutions are as stylish as they are sensible.

Made from FCS Certified materials, these banner stands and more are eco-friendly displays that are perfect for trade shows, retail shops, farmer's markets, and more. Lightweight, easy to transport, and even easier to set up, going green is a smart, economical, and responsible solution to your display needs. These products feature sustainable substrates, including New Life Akustico Recycled Plastic, a banner made entirely of recycled water bottles that can be recycled once more at your local redemption center when you no longer need your banner. If you need a new banner, we've got you covered with affordable replacement graphics that will extend the life of your display for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit and leaving you with a product you can no longer use.

Sustainable trade show displays are the trend of the future; shop now to get yours!

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