Backlit Fabric Backdrops Bring LED Illumination To Your Message

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Backlit Backdrops for Trade Show, Events, and More!

Enhance your trade show booth experience with high-quality backlit displays & graphics to keep your audience engaged at trade shows or special events. Easy to set up backlit Backdrops are all you need to create the excitement for your audience at trade shows to outshine your competition. Customizing the tension fabric graphic with LED lights on the inside will draw more attention to your booth!

We have a variety of backlit displays including some that feature portable, accordion pop up frames, LED ladder lights, lightweight silicone edge graphics and easily transportable cases. These backdrops are ideal for a promotional product launch, lobby environment, retail in-store displays, food sampling stations, promotional displays, and exhibition counters. They are available in multiple sizes, up to 20' wide!

A backlit banner is a high-resolution sharp image display banner that is lit from behind to give your promotional message a big boost and grab the attention of your audience. The backlight effect lets your brand shine and also takes your marketing campaign to the next level.

Benefits and Features
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Visually stunning LED backlit fabric display
  • High-quality dye-sublimated printing
  • Portable and versatile
  • Draws attention to your booth space
  • Fully Customizable
  • Available in banner & backwall widths
  • Easy to set up aluminium tube construction
How Backlit Backdrop Displays Work

A backlight banner display is a flat panel display which is lit from behind to create a stunning visual effect and vibrant colors. The vivid and compelling colors emanating from the banner attract the attention of passerby’s and turn them into potential customers.

Backlit banner displays are visible in different locations at movie theaters, shopping malls, conference centers, department stores, and airports. They are your marketing and advertising solution when you need to display important information about your brand.

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