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Exhibitors looking to make an impact can swap or change their worn backlit hardware at a minimal cost. The Backlit Fabric Display is a modern way to bring your brand message in front of prospective customers in a busy mall, trade show, hotel, conference, office, expo or terminal. Post Up Stand offers a great way to update your existing hardware while advertising and displaying your message to attendees on a trade show to grab their attention.

Our illuminated backdrop hardware is available in various different shapes and sizes, including Backlit Fabric Light Box Wall Display, Beacon Portable Backwall Hardware, Floor Standing Rotating LED Light Box, Backlit Fabric Light Box Wall Display, 20’ Lux Curved SEG Backlit Pop Up Display, 10’ Lux Curved SEG Backlit Pop Up Display and more for the perfect size display for your space. Call us at 1.800.935.3534 for a complete illuminated fabric display.

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