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A ballot box also known as suggestion box, donation, raffle or lead box is helpful and important in any business. It's usually a time-honored way to solicit feedback, obtain additional comments, questions and request from employees or customers, give a voice to those who are feeling disenfranchised or a request to participate in a raffle draw. It comes with a narrow slot at the top of the ballot or suggestion box where participant drops feedback, a completed contest or enter a contest for a chance to win something for free. Businesses uses ballot boxes to generate leads, create awareness for their brands and improve customer loyalty.

Post Up Stand ballot boxes are customized with creative graphics, colorful labels and an eye catching logo to grab customers attention, boost sales and help out charity organization in fund raising. We have a wide selection of ballot, contest, registration, suggestion and lead generation boxes in various sizes to get your customers excited to meet your marketing and advertising needs.

Uses Of Ballot Box

  • Fundraiser: Ballot or donation box is a great way of soliciting and gathering voluntary financial contributions from individuals, charitable foundations, businesses or governmental agencies to help out communities or individuals in needs. As a business when asking customers to donate, try incorporate an incentive to help boost engagement, drive more customers into your store with creatives graphics on your ballot box.
  • Raffles: Draw the attention of your customers with custom printed signs on your ballot box to encourage customers at trade show or special events to enter a raffle, leave suggestions or comments. At Post Up Stand, we offer a huge selection of customized ballot boxes to easily create beautiful contest and Raffle draw to give your customers a chance to win a prize.
  • Giveaway Entries: Promoting your giveaway can really boost sales, keep your audience engage while generating leads for your business. Place the ballot box and entry forms near your cash registers or at the lobby, making it accessible for your customers to participate.
  • Promote active participation among stakeholders: Encourage consistent engagement and collaboration with employees and customers for the betterment of the company. Ballot boxes are beneficial in promoting active participation in an organization for improvement.
  • Improve customer loyalty: Ballot or suggestion box help to create an exciting user-oriented programs that can improve interaction with your audience, award winning solutions and offer convenience that makes the customer a service priority.

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