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Digital Signs for Businesses, Facilities, and Events.

Digital signs put you in charge of your messaging, and Post Up Stand is proud to offer a wide-variety of digital signs, banners, kiosks, and more! While digital signs tend to be considerably more expensive than their traditional counterparts, they offer much more flexibility in the content that can be displayed thanks to the use of software and your imagination. Refreshing content is simple and intuitive, and offers the flexibility of updating the display on the fly.

Here's a list of digital products that we offer:

  • Touch kiosks
  • Non-touch kiosks
  • Floor standing displays
  • Counter top signs
  • Banner stand with integrated digital screen
  • Charging stations with custom graphics
  • TVs with 4k resolution

What Makes Digital Signs So Valuable?

Digital signs allow you to create impressive displays, informative kiosks, and interactive experiences that are difficult to replicate through any other sign displays. Museums and Art Galleries can create educational content that can be provided to visitors in a manner that really engages them. Trade show event goers can experience what a brand has to offer through curated videos. Retail locations can advertise multiple products and services on a revolving slide show. And best of all, select digital displays offered by Post Up Stand include custom printing options.

Digital sign display also allow customers to interact with an interface to complete tasks like checking in to an appointment, entering contact information, and explore product offerings. This can speed up certain processes and create a better flow in your office, trade show, or job fair. Digital sign in kiosks have become the norm in many industries because they work for both the company and their customers.

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