Raffle Drums - An Exciting Way To Pick Winners For A Contest & Keep Your Audience Engaged

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Are you looking for an exciting way to pick winners for a contest by giving participants a chance to win a prize, do you want to keep your audience engaged build positive brand awareness and association? Post Up Stand offers a modern eye-catching raffle drums, ideal for trade shows special events and other contests to draw attention to your booth. Our raffle drum comes in small and large variety of designs and style capable of spinning 360 degrees in any live event with promotional flair. When planning for an event or show where you want to entertain and keep the audience engaged with games like drawing or lottery, raffle ticket drums could be your choice to attract the right audience and become the center of attraction.

What To Consider When Buying Raffle Drums?

We are providing important information to guide your choices If you are planning a gaming or gambling event where you want to attract more audiences to your event booth, especially when you have no experience with raffle drums. Raffle drums are mainly divided into two types based on materials used, such as metal raffle drums and acrylic raffle drums.

  • Acrylic raffle drums are suitable for transparent drawing. Your audience can clearly see inside the drum.
  • Metal raffle drums are completely made of steel and brass, usually polished with gold to make it look more attractive for trade shows. Metal raffle are durable and sturdy, not easily damage

    Capacity: Raffle drums are available in different sizes, mostly ranges from small to large. Knowing the best size you need is to know how many tickets can fit in.


    Construction: Making sure your design is attractive is an important factor to consider when buying a raffle drum.


    Drum rotation: One of the most important aspect of raffle drums is the ability of the content to be evenly and smoothly shuffled.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for raffles, sweepstakes, and folded rewards
  • Great way to generate trade show traffic
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • It has a separate opening for inserting and drawing
  • Holds thousands of ‘normal’ sized tickets
  • It has sturdy construction
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