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Retractable Banners - "The Piece Of Advertising You Need" To Promote Your Upcoming Events

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Need a custom retractable banner display solution to announce your presence at trade shows, in-store displays or in a conference? Our retractable banner is the perfect solution to kick off your event and add a unique touch to all your events. Roll-up banners are a great way to set your brand apart in a busy setting and the most convenient of all types of banner displays. Post Up Stand offers some of the most popular banner display stands widely used in retail store displays, trade shows, shopping malls, churches, sporting events, airports, salons, conferences and museum exhibits. Retractable banner stands are also called roll-up banners or pull-up banner stands, because of the unique mechanism that retracts the banner into its base when not in use.

How To Set Up A Retractable Banner Stand?

Generally, retractable banner stands are easy to use and setup. By definition, it retracts into the base using a spring mechanism to pull the graphic around the roller for storage but some use a different mechanism with no springs. See details below:

  • Remove the stand and support pole from the bag or case: It helps to have all the pieces and parts in front of you. Gather all your materials layout and make sure you have everything you need to properly assemble your banner stand.
  • Swing out stabilizing feet from below stand if applicable: Some retractable banner stands have stabilized, swinging feet located below the base. Before connecting your support pole, pull out the feet and set them to the correct position to give the base the correct support before going further into the assembly process.
  • Connect the support pole and place it in the slot of the stand: Before pulling the banner up from the base of the stand, make sure you place the support pole into the base and set it up.
  • Slowly pull up banner from the base: With your base properly secured and the support pole installed, pull up your banner slowly from the base. Never pull the banner out of the base too fast or you risk damage to the track or the poster.
  • Connect banner to support pole: After pulling the banner to the desired/assigned height, attach the poster to the support pole. Make sure the poster is secured to the pole and the poster is taut.

Shop at Post Up Stand and take advantage of the huge selection of retractable banner stands to make a bold impact in your brand messaging and appeal to your prospective customers at a great price point. We help companies of all sizes with their advertising and marketing banner and signage display solutions. Order online today and upload your artwork for a quick 48-hour turnaround on your next piece of promotional signage!

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