Specialty and Step & Repeat Backdrops for Red Carpet or Special Events

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If you're looking for something a little different, our collection of specialty backdrops could be just what you're looking for! We offer backdrops made of FSC-Certified materials as well as Step & Repeat banners that are perfect for photo opportunitues at your next event.

Need an Impactful advertising tool to capture the moment at upcoming events or a red carpet affair? Post Up Stand's Step and Repeat banner is the ideal publicity backdrop used primarily to create a dynamic visual effect at an event. This display banner is unique because as it is often designed in a repeating pattern such that the brand logos are visible and repeated multiple times in photographs of the individuals standing in front of the banner display.

Step and repeat backdrops are often associated with celebrities as more people are eager to take pictures in front of the banner and share it on various social media channels. Once these pictures are posted on social media and shared with friends and family, your business gets advertised every time people view it.

Why Is It Called Step and Repeat?

The term "Step and Repeat" originates from two sources. The first is when a celebrity or talent "Step" onto the red carpet walking down with paparazzi on each side, take a photograph then leaves, and the next person follows while the "Repeat" is the process of creating a layout with multiple images or logo on a banner repeating in a uniform pattern across the backdrop.

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