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Telescoping Banner Stand Displays with Custom Graphics

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Telescopic Banner

A Memorable Look for Any Event

Ideal for events where space is at a premium, telescopic and fixed width banner stands offer maximum visibility, while taking up minimal floor space. Post Up Stand’s fixed width banners are an excellent way of promoting your brand in a busy marketing environment. These banner stands feature bright and visually appealing printed graphics, available with either single- or double-sided printing to increase brand exposure. Available in two heights with your choice of silver or black hardware, these fixed width banner stands are easy to assemble and transport.

Telescopic banners use a flat base to stabilize the display, which features a full-color printed banner on either side to create maximum visibility. Perfect for high-traffic trade show floors and other special events or retail spaces, telescoping banners are an effective way to get your message across. Aluminum hardware looks professional and polished. When paired with your custom artwork, these banners can make for a display to remember.

Features and Benefits
  • Banner Stands are easy to setup/tear-down
  • Portable Banner Stand
  • Available in Different Types & Sizes
  • Takes Up Smaller Amount Of Space
  • Bright and Visually Appealing

Where To Use Telescopic and Fixed Width Banners

  • Product Launches: Display product or company information at a product launch event
  • In-Store Display: Useful for an in-store display of product images and sales promotions to drive visibility and capture the attention of shoppers
  • Concerts & Movie Theater: To introduce guests to an event with information about the performance, display information about the sponsors and promote upcoming events
  • Trade Shows: Perfect for capturing attention and making sure your message gets seen

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