Replacement Hardware For Tension Fabric Backdrops

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Tension fabric hardware replacement options available at Post Up Stand to bring back to life your worn tension fabric backdrop. Our budget-friendly hardware replacement is the perfect solution to save costs and update your existing backdrops for any events or trade show. Say goodbye to damaged or worn tension fabric backdrop hardware by taking advantage of this offering.

We have what you need to keep your tension fabric backdrop in good shape and fresh. With less investment you can replace your hardware, engage attendees and create an exciting experience that is specific to your target audience.

Features and Benefits:

  • Affordable way to update your display hardware frame
  • Easy to set up aluminum tube framing
  • Simply slip your stretch fabric banner (not included) over the frame
  • No tools needed to assemble the frame
  • Custom printed fabric banner replacement graphics available separately
  • Tension fabric aluminum tubing frame
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