Carnival and County Fair Banner Displays

Posted on 13, March, 2020

Last Modified on 13, March, 2020

County fairs, carnivals, and other community events have long been favorite family destinations throughout the year. If you exhibit at these festivities, it’s important to make your booth or stand attract attention. Banners are the perfect way to let attendees know about your products and services.

Reach the Widest Audience

There are dozens of functions where banners can be used:

  • Talent shows, pageants, and dance demonstrations
  • Rodeos and livestock competitions
  • Arts and crafts exhibits
  • Antique shows and flea markets

Whether you choose a single banner or use a variety of different sizes, you’ll find that banners help attract more customers.

Get Ready for the Fair!

Carnivals and county fairs are everyone’s favorite summer fun destination. Ferris wheels, local food offerings, funhouses, vendors, and more are all a part of a successful day at the fair. Since success at crowded gatherings depends on high visibility, customs signs and banners are the perfect way to give your booth a much-needed boost. Constructed with high-quality materials, you can use vibrant and colorful images and text to promote your organization. And, unlike traditional signs, banners are easy to set up, break down, transport and store.

Need some creative ways to use a banner?

  • Use a feather flag to announce: “face painting here!”
  • Hang vinyl banners with menu choices
  • Set up a row of two-sided sidewalk signs to highlight products or services
  • Use café barriers to designate a seating area for your customers
  • Try a scrolling banner to show events and musical acts happening now
  • Feather flags are also perfect for indicating the location of restrooms, lost and found booths, meet-up points, and charging stations.

There’s no limit to what a custom sign or banner can do for your exhibit. You can also create banners or signs to be hung or displayed around town before the big event, which is a great way to let the community know you’ll be exhibiting. Use them to show local residents and tourists the date, times, and locations of the fair or carnival.

Attract a Crowd

Want to make sure your banners stand out? Use bright, highly-contrasting colors and big, bold fonts to entice visitors to your booth or stand. Placement matters, too. Use banners inside and outside of buildings and tents and hang them across the entrance to your booth. They’re guaranteed to help you make a strong first impression.

Need to erect your own booth? A canopy text with banner side walls is a dramatic approach to drawing a crowd. Finally, use H-stake yard signs to reflect different messages you want to communicate or to direct traffic to designated parking.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to increase interest in your next carnival or county fair, look no further than custom signs and banners to do the trick. 


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