Custom Signage Materials

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

Thanks to innovative printing technologies, a wider variety of substrates are now able to be printed on and used to make custom signage.

Max Metal Aluminum:Durable max metal aluminum signage is thin and light weight, but also extremely durable. The 3mm thick material is a strong substrate that can be custom printed on one or both sides using a UV printing process. Max metal signs are easy to hang on walls as artwork in a home or a business to create unique décor. It can also be displayed indoors or outdoors. Custom metal signs are great with sign holders for art gallery displays and as retail sign displays as a slimmer, unique alternative to a banner stand that might take up more room on a sales floor or display.

Corrugated Plastic: Corrugated plastic signs are lightweight and easy to display indoors or outdoors. It is also single- or double-sided custom printed in full color using a UV printing process. Custom corrugated plastic signs are a popular display in front yards for open houses and realty signs as well as promoting garage sales. The best way to display these in a yard is in the grass using metal stakes that fit into the corrugated plastic. Custom corrugated plastic signs are best used outdoors because of their durability as well as affordable prices to reprint and replace with updated graphics or information.

Foam Core: Half inch and 3/16” thick foam core signs are made of polystyrene foam, which is clear and durable and very affordable to print on. Foam board printing is also done by using the UV printing process and the plastic over the foam board can be printed single or double sided. Foam board posters are popular with floor based sign holders with clamps and used as directional signs and informational signs for conferences and exhibitions as well as easels because of their affordability no matter how large the size.. The impressive UV printing process and affordability of the material in large sizes make these custom signs great and noticeable at large indoor events.

PVC: 3mm PVC is a custom signage material that is durable and rigid, and is also custom printed using the UV printing process. This is another high-quality affordable material that also has a little flexibility in how it’s used. Direct PVC can be used indoors and outdoors and can manipulated with magnets like with curved trade show displays. PVC is great for outdoor directional signs like for parking and sidewalks because of their weather resistance, but also as panels connected to large trade show backdrops using magnetic strips.

Magnetic Vinyl: Flexible magnetic vinyl signage material is custom printed using a UV printing process so along with the material, the print is weather resistant and perfect for its main use as car magnets. Magnetic vinyl is durable, affordable and a convenient, rolling advertisement that’s easy to place on company or fleet vehicles as a highly visible advertisement. 

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