Ideal Uses for Trade Show Display Towers

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

A few of the most important steps in the process when planning for a trade show are:

  • Budget
  • Booth Location
  • Selecting Displays
  • Travel
  • Drayage

Once you set your budget, everything else falls in line because before you can purchase your displays, you need to know the cost of your booth location at the show. Knowing the location and layout of your booth space at the trade show are important details to have confirmed before you decide which displays are the best fit for you configuration.

As an example, consider our newest type of trade show displays, the 10’H High Rise Tension Fabric Funnel Tower Display.

Two of the most noticeable features of our trade show tower display is that it’s 10’ tall and the funnel shape gives it 360-degree graphics coverage.

Every exhibition center has different regulations on sizes displays can be based on the venue as well as the size and location of your booth. Height limits for displays are commonly set based on the layout style of each booth. Typically, backwalls, linear booths and corner booths tend to be capped between 8’H to 10’H. Other spaces like Island booths and Peninsula booths are generally 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’ and 20’ x 20’, which allow for displays to be 12’H to 20’H in many cases, depending on the venue.

You always need to check your venue’s height regulations if you plan to use something the size of the High Rise Funnel Tower.

Trade Show Towers for Island Booths


While its height is noticeable and allows you to reach more show attendees from a distance, one of the Funnel Tower’s strongest traits is its 360-degree graphics coverage.

If you are renting an Island booth layout at a trade show or convention, the Funnel Tower is one way to really maximize that space. Islands, while large and typically more expensive rental options at most venues and trade shows, give you the ability to attract a crowd from all four aisles that surround your space. With that amount of exposure available for you to take advantage of, you need displays that face every side, which is exactly that the Funnel Tower does.


As mentioned, Island booth spaces at trade shows are typically more expensive than other types of booths because of the amount of exposure available for your business by using that kind of space. If you are making that type of investment in a booth location, maximizing your use of it is important, too.

There are a lot of trade show display options available for you to choose from when you have that much booth space. Trade show towers can be displayed in the middle of the booth for a more efficient use of that space. The height of the Funnel Tower is prominent enough to get noticed from your space when used in the middle of the booth and the 360-degree graphics coverage of its tension fabric banner can be seen from every side of the aisle as well, making it an excellent “centerpiece” type display. The widths of 39” on the small end and 86.5” on the large end give you enough space to utilize other displays and important items like tables, monitors and other trade show furniture that’s inviting to attendees.  

Using a tall, but compact centerpiece trade show display is an efficient and effective use of this type of booth and opens a lot of opportunities to utilize other types of banners and displays as well as keep space open for attendees to visit.

Trade Show Towers for Other Booth Layouts

Even though backwall, corner and linear booths don’t give you the same exposure that an island or an aisle can, the Funnel Tower can still give you the reach you’re looking for and give you the ability re-imagine what a typical booth should look like. This can help you maximize space and improve your booth’s traffic flow.

Much like the option discussed about the Funnel Trade Show Tower’s usage as a centerpiece in an Island booth, you can use it in the same way for other booth types as well. It is compact enough to keep space and the flow of traffic open in other style booths. It also can give you the ability to ditch the traditional front trade show table that doesn’t invite engagement with attendees as much a more open booth layout. Some booth layouts can box you into a more traditional table and backwall type set up, but if you have the space to use a centerpiece like the Funnel Tower, you can open the booth and make it more inviting.

Remember to check height regulations for the venues and specific booth layouts to make sure your displays fit in under those restrictions.

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