Interactive Kiosks for Marketing

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

From trade shows to retail establishments, interactive kiosks let you connect with more people and increase brand recall through repeated exposure to your organization’s message.

Kiosks are everywhere today: airports, malls, highway rest stops, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and more. They offer an extremely effective marketing solution for a multitude of businesses.

Kiosks as Marketing Tools

Practically any business can benefit from using kiosks. Two of the most popular places you see them are at trade shows and in retail establishments. They’re ideal for interactive sitemaps, presentations, digital signage, and more. They allow you to easily promote your business and do not have to be manned by a staff member.

Interactive Kiosks for Trade Shows

Display kiosks create a unique focal point in your trade show booth and are perfect for video or computer demonstrations. Use them for speedy registration, entertainment, social media, digital download access, customer service, lead retrieval, and event promotion.

Used in conjunction with your existing setup, they add a professional and functional look to the most basic of booths. For example:

  • Interactive kiosks used in conjunction with retractable banner stands capture trade show attendees’ attention and draw them to your booth.
  • Scrolling table top displays are perfect when used together with kiosks – use them to display popular products or contact information.
  • Place kiosks and iPad stands at key areas in your booth so attendees can register, find event information, take surveys, place orders, sign up for your email list, or explore interactive experiences. Incorporate monitor mounts and keyboard shelves for a laptop. 

Another terrific way to grab attention is by creating a social media wall where you pull from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other feeds to capture conversations and create an exciting energy.

Other ideas include:

  • Marking the kiosk with your brand’s logo and surrounding it with solid or one-image banners that depict your marketing message.
  • Using a kiosk as a demonstration counter or workstation – they are great for large monitors.
  • Grouping two or more kiosks together to create an Internet Café and charging station.
  • Placing quick pop up floor or overhead banners to draw attention to your kiosk’s location.

No matter how you use a kiosk at a trade show, banners and flags affordably and effectively draw attention to your booth, brand, products and services. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, can be single or double sided, and their unique design complements your existing booth elements. They’re simply a great way to increase attendee interest and company business!

Retail Settings

Interactive kiosks can also be found throughout the retail landscape. They offer innovative and exciting ways for customers to interact with your products and services and they help you efficiently reach your target audience. Use them to:

  • Help customers quickly zero in on the products they’re looking for and provide pricing, specifications, customizations, and more.
  • Reduce walk-outs by keeping customers engaged while waiting for a salesperson.
  • Gather information about your customers and measure the success of your promotions.

Enhance all Your Interactive Displays

Interactive kiosks offer a wide range of marketing solutions for any brand. They’re the perfect combination of technology and information and one of the best ways to appeal to trade show attendees. Retail, hospitality, and the health and travel industries have all embraced them in rapidly increasing numbers. By giving customers access to the latest technology, you can reduce overhead and improve customer satisfaction - a win-win situation!

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