Modular Trade Show Displays

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

Whether you are a frequent trade show exhibitor or preparing for your first trade show, here are a few reasons why you should work lightweight truss or segmented modular displays into your exhibit rotation, as well as how to have success using them. 

Highly portable: These plastic truss displays are often a little lighter in terms of shipping weight than modular trade show displays. Where custom or prefabricated modular displays are often very heavy, truss displays are lightweight, easier to set up and are connectable to create different sized booths. That means less set up time, easier to use and less costing in shipping. The pieces to modular displays interlock and make it easy for anyone to assemble. And because of how they disassemble, they can be transported by just about anyone on your trade show staff.

Versatile functions: The ability to connect modular displays gives any exhibitor the ability to customize the shape and design of their booth. Building a booth with modular displays may stop you from being boxed in to a specific floor space model at different trade shows. Depending on the banners and how your display fits together, you can condense your display to fit a certain floor space size and still bring the entire unit to another show with a completely different floor space size.

Customize size/fit: You can replace banners on almost any trade show display. Some cost more than others and some are harder to swap out. Fully customized modular displays are very expensive to change around for each trade show and in most cases, size cannot be changed. Banners on truss modular displays are easy to change out so that you can tailor your trade show messages for individual shows if you should choose to do so.  As noted above, you are able to adjust the total size of your booth based on how many displays you bring and connect.

More than a banner display: Truss modular displays can be used for more than just a backdrop for a trade show booth or a back wall. By being able to connect together different truss display units, you can build an inviting booth space for attendees to come into as opposed to being behind a table or podium.

Separate spaces: An effective trade show booth is one where you can actually utilize every part of your space. The versatility of being able to connect the trusses of your display gives you the ability to create separate areas within your booth. Maybe you have people interested in one specific product or service as opposed to another and you have different booth staffers to promote those products or services. Or maybe you have an area you want to reserve for more serious prospective clients and one for those interested in just hearing your pitch for the first time. Connected truss displays can let you separate these areas.

Recreate your office: Consider your trade show display an extension of your business. Attendees are at trade shows to check out what exhibitors in these industries have to offer. Instead of a big, crowded trade show floor, use your truss units to re-create an office setting that is comfortable for prospective customers to come hear about your company. You can use connected truss displays to build around that area with tables, chairs, and even customizable and comfortable flooring to make it feel that much more personal to customers.

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