Outdoor Café Barrier Systems

Posted on 13, March, 2020

Last Modified on 13, March, 2020

Everyone loves a café! The epitome of both casual and fine dining, people enjoy dining al fresco at cafés offering everything from coffee and bagels to 7-course meals. Outside dining services not only give cafés more retail square footage, they give you an opportunity you shouldn’t overlook: more advertising space.

Café barrier systems present businesses of all types with fabulous branding options and offer a host of other benefits. They are a low-cost, low-maintenance form of high-impact advertising that will make your dining establishment or other retail business stand out from the crowd.

Outdoor Barriers for Dining Safety & Security

Café barriers act as safety features for keeping away would-be bag snatchers. They also help the visually impaired more easily find the entrance to your establishment. Finally, they keep tables, chairs, planters, and other outdoor decorative items contained when the winds are blowing.

In many cities and towns, restaurants that serve food and alcoholic beverages must partition off the area where diners sit. Mark your patio boundaries with high-quality outdoor café barriers to easily comply with local ordinances.

Aesthetics of Outdoor Barriers

Café outdoor seating areas are more welcoming to passersby and are extremely effective in attracting people to your business. Café barriers that advertise your business and carry your logo are easily seen by drivers and pedestrians alike.

Versatility of Outdoor Café Barriers

Wind-proof, water-proof and designed to withstand the elements, café barriers are a practical crowd control solution that can be placed in any number of layouts. Custom printing options include logos, sponsor advertisements, scenic images, and promotional messaging. Here are a few more reasons café barriers are ideal for any dining business:

  • They function as privacy screens, which increases the appeal of sitting outside.
  • They separate reserved seating areas from ones for walk-in customers.
  • They can be used to form a waiting line area and keep your reception area uncongested.

Features and Benefits

Outdoor café barriers use custom printed fabric banners that slip over aluminum frames and then attach to a stand with stabilizing feet. They’re easy to assemble and simple to position and rearrange as needed.

All types of businesses can benefit from outdoor café barriers. Replaceable banners make them the ideal solution for promoting your brand in a variety of unique and clever ways. Holiday-themed banners, changing menus, daily specials, beautiful images, and directional information can all bring new life to your business by generating buzz and increasing brand awareness.

Perfect for Every Occasion and Season

From fast food restaurants to coffee shops, banks, concerts, sporting events and more – outdoor café barriers are a great addition to your marketing kit! Whether you’re hosting a special event, looking for an attractive crowd management system, or creating an attractive outdoor seating area, use single or double-sided custom printed barriers to promote your brand. And don't think these barriers are limited to just cafés! They can be used for a variety of businesses, including the following:

  • Banks can create separate lobby areas.
  • Airports can form customer service and boarding lines.
  • Nightclubs can create an upscale sidewalk entry area.
  • Libraries and museums can promote current exhibits, book signings and other happenings.
  • Gyms, health spas, and fitness clubs can use them to section off workout areas.
  • Retail establishments can create sale areas or checkout lines.
  • Indoor and outdoor popup shops can build an instant “store.”

Let your imagination run free and discover all the great uses outdoor café barriers offer. The possibilities are truly endless!

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