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Posted on 13, March, 2020

Last Modified on 13, March, 2020

Banners have been part of the wedding experience for longer than you might think. The first banner to make its appearance at a wedding was most likely the “Just Married” sign. You know the one – it was tied to the bumper of the car that transported the happy couple to their honeymoon. Times have changed! Today, there are dozens of original and fun wedding banners and decorations you can choose from for the big day.

From welcome banners to direction flags, banners add something extra special to the celebration. Here are some wedding banner ideas to get you started.

At the Wedding

  • Make a great first impression and set a happy tone by putting up a banner to welcome guests to the ceremony. An outdoor double-sided retractable banner is a great way to acknowledge attendees coming and going. Have fun with the messages and print “The Wedding’s Inside” or “Happily Ever After Begins Here” on one side, and “We Did It!” on the other. Is the ceremony outdoors? Hang a custom-printed banner from tree branches, on a fence, or on posts stuck in the beach sand.
  • If it’s a large wedding, guests might need some direction. Use flag banners or sidewalk signs that say “Walk This Way” to guide guests from the parking area to the venue. Choose a phrase that works equally well at the ceremony and the reception venue so you can use the banners or signs at both locations.

At the Reception

Banners and signs are great for expressing heartfelt sentiments and brightening up the reception with beautiful images and congratulatory text that wishes the couple a long and prosperous life together.

  • Escort cards are the traditional way for reception guests to find where they’re seated. Why not use a tabletop banner seating chart instead? This way, the guests can scan the banner to find their seats and don’t have to wait in line to grab their cards.
  • Hang banners over the cocktail station so guests can decide what they want while they’re waiting in line. Use tabletop banners to let people know what’s on the menu.
  • Another great idea for a hanging banner is to put one above the gift table that features a picture of the couple with the words “Thank You!”
  • A battery-operated tabletop scrolling banner is a fun way to make announcements as things happen: the couple’s first dance, the cake cutting, and the throwing of the bouquet and garter.
  • Everyone loves a photo op! Use a retractable backdrop banner that features a romantic scene or text so guests can take home a memorable keepsake. Sayings might include, “Thank You for Sharing Our Special Day” or “Let the Adventure Begin!”


Want some customized wedding and reception decorations? Pair a solid-color table throw with a printed runner. Create custom wall décor – images can include scenes from the couple’s life or photos of where they’ll spend their honeymoon.

Just Married!

Consider a wedding banner that bids the couple a happy farewell. Add fun couple photos and images of their honeymoon destination, well wishes from friends and family, or a simple “Just Married” banner with a photo. Then, just like in the “old days,” it can be put on the back of their car as they ride off into their new life.

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