Saving Money with Replacement Banners

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 15, August, 2023

Investing in a banner stand is a great marketing tool for your company, as well as an important one. Whether you’re using your banner stands or other banner displays at trade shows, for conferences, fairs, special events, sales, or media and press opportunities, your banner display should stand to bring a lot of attention to your company or organization. Getting the most from your banners is great for your budget and your business and ordering replacement banners will help you accomplish that for these 6 reasons.

1. Save money: The biggest reason to purchase a replacement banner for any of your displays is to save money. You've already invested in the hardware and it's still in great shape, so why purchase an entire new banner stand when you can replace just the banner for a fraction of the price?

2.  Don’t use banners that show wear and tear: There’s a good chance that you’re going to use your custom printed banner at several shows and events after you purchase your full unit. It’s going to be a key piece to your marketing display and hopefully gain your company a lot of attention. That means a lot of travel, packing and unpacking of your banners. The last thing you want to do is display a banner that shows wear and tear. Having a banner replacement prevents you from potentially running into this issue.

3. Message versatility:  Every trade show or event you might be exhibiting at or attending might not have the same audience and it may benefit your company or organization to be able to have a different marketing message to match your target audience at each show, rather than just one cookie cutter message that might not always fit the situation. Replacement banners allow you to be able to utilize different marketing messages at different events without having to pay to own multiple units.

4. Seasonal flexibility: For retail stores or any business, your marketing message, deals, prices and other information often changes depending on the season. That means the information on your banners could possibly wind up being inaccurate at different times throughout the year. Having replacement banners for those displays allows you to change them the moment that you need to.

5. Build a library of banners: Like having flexibility to change out banners when the season or sale calls for it, having a library of banners readily available and easy to install whenever the need arises can be invaluable for any company or marketer. Being able to have backup banners or hang onto the banner from a previous sale and re-using it can save you some hassle and some money!

6. Refresh your company’s look and graphics: Whether your company has changed colors, logos, information or just wants a fresh, new look, replacement banners for your displays allow you to apply the fresh look to your displays without having to replace the entire unit.

If you're not sure that you're up to the task of replacing the graphics in your retractable banner stand, we offer a service on many of our most popular banners that allows you to send your banner(s) back to us and we'll take care of the hard part. You can learn more about that service and which products it's offered on here.

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