The Ultimate Back to School Signage Buyer’s Guide

The Ultimate Back to School Signage Buyer's Guide

Posted on 04, August, 2023

Last Modified on 04, August, 2023

As school is starting up, now is the time to be thinking about how to set your staff and students up for success in the coming year. This goes beyond school supplies like pencils and notebooks; you also need to make sure you have the right signage to help your school operate smoothly.

There are many types of signage that can be used in schools, and they all have a multitude of functions. From the simple hanging vinyl banner to interactive digital whiteboards, here are the products we think you need to know about.


Whether you’re looking for a banner to hang in the hall to advertise homecoming tickets, or a retractable stand promoting your college’s athletics programs, banners are a necessity for any school or university. You probably see more of them than you realize, as banners are one of the most popular ways to relay information. Hanging vinyl and mesh banners can be used outdoors attached to the fences that surround your school’s sports fields, advertising raffle tickets, player bios, or simply showing some school spirit for your athletes. Use them to welcome students back to school or provide encouragement for staff, or pair them with floor standing banner to display important university information. Available in a variety of styles including retractable, tabletop, pop-up, x-frame, and wood with multiple substrate options, we offer a banner for everyone, for every need.


Create excitement and interest for school events by providing photo opportunities with a branded backdrop. A step and repeat pattern on any type of backdrop helps promote your school while also encouraging students to engage and indulge in their school spirit. From pop-up to backlit and even green screen, there is a backdrop that is perfect for your school. Depending on your needs, backdrops range from specialty banners made of recyclable materials such as FSC Certified Xanita Board or wood, to 20’ wide backwalls with LED lights to help your school’s message shine, and are available in a range of prices.

Outdoor Signage

If your campus is large or has many buildings, outdoor signs are a great way to help students new and old find their way around. Use flags for wayfinding, showing things like how to get to those coveted parking lots or where to find new student orientation. Flags are large and eye-catching, making them perfect for helping your campus become easily navigable. Custom printed tents can help make any event such as registration, ticket purchase, and school swag giveaways look well-planned and are convenient for both your students and staff to keep them out of the sun. Use a-frame displays both indoor and out to display information such as café or bookstore hours of operation or current promotions. Street pole banners are perfect for giving your school grounds an extra bit of flair with your school’s emblem printed on them and proudly displayed around campus.

Digital Signage

There is no doubt that if you want to grab your students’ attention, going digital is a surefire way to do so. Provide interactive kiosks in your student center or student lounge, allowing students to discover facts about your school or get access to information such as upcoming events, maps, and more. Putting branded charging stations with digital screens around campus and you’ll have students flocking to them to charge their ever-important devices while interacting with the information you want them to know. Both floor standing and wall mounted options are available, meaning there is the perfect charging station for any location. Use countertop digital signs to offer self-checkout in your café or to check into class as a substitute for traditional roll call. Touch and non-touch floor standing posters can be used for just about anything – from class and event schedules to building hours and maps. And for in the classroom, an interactive whiteboard such as the Samsung Flip with 4K display can make for a memorable, interactive lecture experience that will leave both teacher and students wowed.

Event Stages

Though it may not be signage, an event stage is something every school should have available to it. Use stages for pep rallies, graduations, guest speakers, and more, making them a versatile and worthwhile investment. With multiple height and widths available in the kits that include everything you need from railings, stairs and ramps, and stage skirts, there is the perfect size stage for any space in which you need one. Add any of the signage listed above to your stage and make for an impressive, well thought out event.

Any signage you invest in for your school, whether that’s a retractable backdrop or a custom printed tent, will aid you in running your school or university smoothly and keeping your students engaged. We see signage every day, and there’s no limit to what it can be used for. Show school spirit, get your students involved, or simply help them navigate around with banners, backdrops, flags, digital kiosks and more.

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