Trade Show Booth Locations

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

Do you know how to choose the best location for your trade show booth? Just as in real estate, location matters at trade shows and other consumer events. But what’s a prime location for one company isn’t always what’s best for yours. Keep in mind, too, that exhibit space is often assigned based on show seniority, so if you’re a newcomer, you may have fewer choices than other long timers.

Ready to pick a prime spot? Use these handy tips to pick a booth location that achieves your unique needs and goals.

Picking the Best Booth Location

Of course, everyone wants to be in a high-traffic area, but there are only so many of those prime locations available. If possible, get a location close to the entrance, even if it’s located further from the first few rows. Get creative about what’s considered a well-traveled route, as well. Booths near restrooms, food areas, charging stations, and seminar stages or exhibit rooms are also desirable. But try to stay away from areas that might generate a lot of noise like music, sales pitches or applause; it can make it difficult to have conversations with attendees.

On the Corner

Corners are a great location because they open your booth up to two aisles. If you’re lucky enough to score one of these spots, make sure attendees can enter your booth from each side and be sure to have enough staff to greet visitors at both entrances.

Traffic Flow

Take a look at the exhibit hall or convention center’s floor plan. Studies suggest that most attendees turn right when they enter an exhibit hall, so pick a spot on the right side of the venue.

Choose Your Neighbors

Figure out where the sponsors, top brands and attendee favorites will be set up. Ask for a location close to these exhibitors and enjoy the traffic they draw to their booths. Also, be aware of where your closest competitors will be located and put some space between your booth and theirs.

Return Engagement

If you’ve participated in the trade show before, analyze the results from your last appearance. If you think location played a factor in your success or lack thereof, request the same location or be sure to try a different one accordingly.

Book Early

For some popular events, early can be up to a year in advance! Even if spaces are given out under a seniority-based system, you want to be as far up the list as possible. If the location you want is already taken, let the organizers know you are interested in it if the other exhibitor cancels.

When All Else Fails

Whatever you do, don’t leave selecting a location for your trade show’s booth to chance. If you fail to land a spot due to a sell-out, consider sharing a space with another exhibitor, but only if the partnership makes sense to the attendees.

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