Trade Show Exhibit & Booth Options

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

Before your company commits to exhibiting at a trade show, there are a few questions you need answered when it comes to what kind of booth display you want to purchase:

  • What is the trade show or venue’s floor plan?
  • What different size booth options are there?
  • How much do the different size space options cost?
  • What are the trade show or venue’s rules and regulations for exhibiting spaces and displays?

There are many options available to you no matter the floor layout, space you’ve decided on or the regulations for each show and building.

Common space rental sizes

10 x 10 linear: Considered the standard booth size. You are able to set up a back and side walls for your booth.
10 x 10 perimeter: This is the same as the linear booth, but this setup is up against the back wall of another space/exhibitor behind you.
10 x 20: A larger space that gives you a 20" space for your back wall and extended wall sides.
10 x 30: This larger space size is often centered on an aisle (great for lots of passing traffic) and is made for larger back wall set ups.
Peninsula booths: The common peninsula size is considered to be anything that is 20’ x 20’ or larger with aisles on three sides, like a peninsula.
Island booths: Also 20’ x 20’ or larger and has isles on all four sides, like an island.

Now that you know the common layouts and their sizes, find out the price of renting that space during the show and what type/size displays you’re allowed to set up there. Not every show and venue will allow the same kinds and sizes of displays.

Location, location, location

Another thing to know before renting a space at a trade show is what location will be most effective for your exhibit and price.

Front of the show: These spaces often cost more but put you right in the way of the show’s attendees as they enter the venue.
Near competitors or not?: This won’t likely have any effect on price and you may not know where your competitors have bought space at shows, but this could have an effect, positive or negative, on the traffic and interest in your exhibit.
Aisle or wall?: At some venues, the larger rental spaces are around the wall and in corners. If you’re in an aisle, you’re likely to have a 10x10 setup but being in an aisle likely means more traffic has to pass your booth.
Popular spaces: Many exhibitors like the idea of having a spot near the bathrooms so at some point every attendee is likely to pass their booth. Some venues don’t allow outside food or drink, forcing attendees to get refreshments from their food court. Having your booth near there could also attract additional traffic.

Booth options

Once you’ve purchased your space at a trade show, now you need to decide on what booth styles are best suited for your exhibit.

Paneled booth displays: These are great for the back wall for the space you’ve rented. They give you high visibility and are easy to set up.  
Fabric tension displays: The aluminum frame for these displays can often be made into unique shapes that the fabric banner attaches too. Thanks to the dye sublimation printing process, fabric banners feature extremely impressive colors and graphics. 
Adjustable banners: Having an adjustable banner display could really work in your favor if you wind up buying different sized spaces at different trade shows. You will need different length banners to fit the frame if you adjust it for different sized booths, but you will get a lot of use out of the frame.
Modular displays: Modular exhibits can be used to create custom designed and shaped backdrops at trade shows.
Step and repeat design: 
Not an actual banner, but a design on a backdrop banner. The step and repeat design is a popular booth background option because of what a great opportunity it gives you for branding and displaying multiple images, or expanding on your message.

Package options
As with almost anything else in business, buying in bulk or larger quantities can give you a bit of a discount on the final price. When possible, consider buying a booth package option. If the options fit your trade show space, it could help the bottom line on your budget.

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