Trade Show Exhibits Built to Last

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

Trade show exhibits can be a huge key to your marketing plan but also can factor heavily into your marketing budget. The best way to get a good ROI from purchasing a trade show exhibit is to have one that’s going to be sustainable enough to use at all your trade shows and events. These few simple tips can help you purchase one that’s going to last.

Carefully plan graphics and design:  Before purchasing an exhibit, a lot of time and careful consideration should go into what kind of graphics, images and other information will be printed on your exhibit. You want it to fit into your goals at trade shows and for it to reflect your company, product or services as well. If your graphics and images aren’t something you can use long term, you may end up paying more for replacement banners and other materials to continually get the message or look you want.

Choose proper materials: The more often you’re going to use your trade show exhibit and the more you have to ship it across distances, the higher quality of materials you’re going to want to opt for. The kind of materials that work for another company might not work for your usage plans. It may depend on the venue itself or even if you’re indoors or outdoors. You should also consider the standard of trade show exhibits in your industry. Will your exhibit look below standard, fit in with, or stand out from the rest of your peers’ displays? Trends will always change in the style of displays at trade shows, but the quality will always set you apart from your peers.

Replaceable and interchangeable products: At some point, you’re going to want to have something different to showcase at a trade show. You might change your logo and want new signage to present a new product or service. Purchasing exhibits that have easily changeable banners and materials on the bases of your displays will allow you to keep using the structure while being able to change the banners out easily over time.

Flexible displays: Rigid booths and other custom displays can make a splash for your company at trade shows and help your effectiveness. Rigid displays aren’t always the best fit for long term use, however. The location and size of your booth space may vary by trade show. A larger display without much flexibility could cause issues if this situation comes up. The hardware or display images can be much more difficult and expensive to replace as well. Like any other trade show exhibit purchase, there are always storage costs to consider.

Storage: One way to make a trade show exhibit last is with proper care and storage. If you’re storing your own exhibit, you’ll need the proper space, dry and temperature-controlled area, as well as the proper case for your materials. For larger exhibits, using trade show asset management companies can also help to preserve your exhibit over the long haul.

Make it work for you: Why is planning out the graphics and design for your trade show exhibit so important? The display should showcase the marketing message you are looking to promote at trade shows. The more in-line the display is with that message the more effective it might be in helping you generate more leads.   

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