Trade Show Flooring Ideas

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

Trade shows require a good deal of planning and there are a lot of different things to keep track of to be successful. When planning your trade show display it is very easy to overlook the flooring. Despite being a less prominent part of the display flooring servers several different purposes. Naturally it helps take pressure off your feet, but it also adds to the overall look of your display and can serve as an advertising tool in its own right. Here are four trade show flooring ideas to consider when setting up your booth or display area.     

Four Trade Show Floor Ideas

Interlocking tiles or carpet are an affordable, practical, and versatile option. Interlocking tiles are lightweight and easy to ship as they can easily be taken apart and don’t require rolling up like a carpet does. Interlocking tiles are also modular and can cover an area as big or small as you need and have foam backing to allow long term standing during the duration of a trade show. If they have a drawback it's that they are rather plain and aside from color coordination adding logos or company imagery is not a common option. However, several colors are available and many offer special finishes such as wood grain to give your floor set up a visually pleasing appearance.   

Raised flooring is becoming a popular part of many trade show displays. Aside from its elevation adding a striking visual effect raised flooring is also very versatile. Many trade show displays take advantage of technology such as computers, electronic displays, projectors, lighting, and more. All of this equipment requires wiring, however, which can be difficult to keep organized. With a raised floor it's easy to run wiring underneath it, making your display neat and orderly while still making use of all the modern equipment you need. Also, with a raised floor you can strategically place lighting to create an eye catching effect.  

On the higher end of flooring choices is plush carpeting. Carpeting is not only easy on your feet but can make for a handy marketing tool. For example, you can have your carpet match your company’s primary colors and the rest of your display. For an added effect you can also display your company or product logo to leave an impression with your visitors.   

While not as extravagant as plush carpet, image printed felt carpet has its advantages. First it is less expensive than plush carpet and available in larger sizes allowing you to cover a larger area at a reduced cost. Also felt carpet can have a full-length image covering the entire carpet. This can be used for a logo or something related to your business. For example, if your industry is related to automobiles your carpet could have an image of blacktop. Also, with a rubber backing felt carpet is still not strenuous on your feet and legs.

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