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Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

One of the best ways to try to measure up your trade show booth displays against your competition or to get ideas is to scout a show. But since that is not always realistic, both from a time and money perspective, this guide will give you an idea of popular trade show exhibits to help you keep up with your competition.

Table Throws: Custom table covers are printed in full color with company logos and graphics. They’re machine washable, won’t fade and are highly durable and re-usable. Whether you bring a table and especially if you are renting or borrowing one from the event venue, a custom table cover is always a necessity for event marketing.

Table Top Banners: Table top banner are smaller displays that can have a huge impact. They feature user friendly designs and a full color printed graphic banner that fits perfectly on any table space. Table top displays are great for drawing attention to your event table, more specifically areas of interest on your table and also can be beneficial to marketers with limited space at trade shows and other events.

Retractable Banner Stands: Retractable banner stands come in a number of styles, designs and can feature different, custom printed banner materials. They’re extremely easy to set up are usually a staple display item for any trade show exhibitor or event marketer. No matter the booth size you’re set up with, a retractable banner should be one of the first things you order for any event marketing opportunity you have.

Backdrops: Backdrops are utilized as branding tools for trade show marketers. Backdrops are usually the most easily recognizable piece of your trade show or event booth. While bigger backdrop type displays might be suited for bigger booths, retractable backdrops and other step and repeat backdrops can serve as a trade show booth backdrop but also for smaller marketing events where you want to create the feel of a booth as well as take advantage of all your marketing space.

Trade Show Booth Backdrops: Booth backdrop displays are the ultimate branding display tool at trade shows. It’s the glue that brings your booth together. You need high quality custom printed graphics featured on the panels of your backdrop so that they’re visually appealing. These booth displays are perfect for 10-foot trade show booth setup.

Shipping cases: Shipping cases store and help you easily transport a number of display items, including hardware and banners. When your display isn’t being used and when you plan to take it with you to use at a show, event or fair, a shipping case to protect your investment is important.

Podium Wraps: Just like your event table and the need for a custom table cover, your podium acts as a center piece and a place to talk to guests from at your trade show booth or event space. You’re able to transform some of our shipping cases into podiums and turn them into professional display pieces with custom printed podium wraps that wrap around the case, so they save room at your trade show booth, help make your budget more efficient and give you a great display, professional display piece to speak from.

Literature Holders: Literature holders give you an instant way to look organized at a trade show or event. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to store pamphlets, magazines, catalogs or other important printed marketing materials on your table or trying to keep them off of your table,

Branded Floor Mats: Custom printed flooring can be a great way to add an extra element to your trade show booth or space at an event. Adding custom branded flooring to your trade show booth can be a unique way to display your information that could potentially catch a few extra eyes. If you have a smaller booth or space, utilizing all the space you have available to promote your brand is essential.

Portable Flooring: Portable, foam flooring for trade shows can really boost your trade show booth’s appeal the same way a garden or lawn treatment add curb appeal to your home. Portable flooring options setup easily and can upgrade your booth from having possibly a basic concrete floor to having comfortable, beautifully colored flooring. Colors can evoke different emotions, which can affect who enters your booth or might buy something and having the option to pick a color of flooring that could make a difference in your success at a trade show is important.

Brochure Holders: If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, chances are you have flyers, brochures, catalogs or other types of literature you want to pass out to attendees. Instead of having to worry about keeping them stacked and organized on your table at your booth, brochure holders take care of that for you and attendees can grab them for themselves. If you have the space, you can promote your literature using a floor standing holder. If your area is small, table top brochure holders are just as effective.

iPad Holder: Technology is a huge part of trade shows and utilizing it and making it accessible is paramount to your success at a show. If you utilize tablets like iPads to run demos, show examples or collect attendee information, getting a mount and holder can make it easier. Mount holders for iPads make your life easier so that you’re not carrying it around attendee to attendee and offers security.

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