Truss vs. Traditional Modular Displays

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

The line between truss trade show displays and modular displays has become thinner thanks to the different materials and uses of the truss design and materials. Modular displays that use the truss design offer a more modern version than traditional modular displays. 

This has become a more popular and efficient design for displays because of the different materials that are able to be used and their cost effectiveness. Steel was and is still the most common material for larger truss trade show displays because they can hold shelving, heavier lights and other booth amenities like flat screen TVs.  CM World 2016 did a great job at recreating the “Hollywood Squares” set using a modern modular display. However, polymer resin and plastics are also popular for creating truss displays because they are also durable, weight less and cost less.

Traditional Modular: Traditional modular displays also often use a truss design for different parts of the booth, however most are assembled using steel because of structure involved in a modular display. Traditional modular displays are popular for exhibitors who are looking for a larger and more customizable trade show booth display.

How it works
 The truss design refers to the industrial looking, interlocking frame components of the display. The “lego” looking architecture is commonly designed to interlock into different pieces of the display so its components can be adjusted. This gives truss displays their versatility to adapt to different booth sizes.

Traditional Modular: Different pieces and parts of the display make up a traditional modular booth. Generally, these are extremely customizable with different types of materials and are great for large scale demos at a trade show. You can use them to create a staging area for your product demo. Unlike with a truss and modern modular display, these booth displays generally require show labor to put together rather than being able to be assembled by a few staffers.

Truss/Modern Modular

  • Graphics/banners easily changeable
  • Long term use of hardware/frame
  • Cheaper to maintain and modify
  • Can change seasonally
  • Versatile
  • Space conscious display
  • Usually have different material options
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to setup
  • Travel/shipping friendly

Traditional Modular

  • Potential rent option
  • More customizable areas
  • Great for large demos
  • Large, eye catching booth
  • Able to repair/replace individual pieces of display
  • Multiple material options
  • Can support shelving, TV screen and other projection items
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