Utilizing Table Top Displays

Posted on 16, March, 2020

Last Modified on 11, September, 2023

Exhibiting at trade shows, trying to entice event visitors to come check out your table at events, or trying to make a sales pitch can be incredibly exhausting. What if a simple banner or display at your table could take care of most of that work for you?

One of the most versatile and effective marketing options are tabletop displays. From point-of-purchase displays, to fundraisers, special events, trade show and many other events, the list for uses of table top displays is almost endless.

With each different event, there are different ways to use tabletop displays to make sure they are as effective as possible. Here are some general tips to consider when creating a table top banner display:

  • Don’t let it take over your table. Make sure the banner you use for your table is proportionate to the table size.
  • Include vital information. People want to know what they’re looking at when they come to the table. Whether its sale details, company details or contact information.
  • Avoid fancy fonts. Table top displays are generally placed within people’s line of sight or close to it. Making it hard to read doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  • Use one image. No matter the type of table top banner you use, too many images make it look too busy and you risk losing your message’s effect.

Tabletops at Trade Shows

Tabletop displays at trade shows generally help announce who you are and why you’re there, but they can do a lot more than that if you correctly utilize them.

  • Use them to showcase products, new product releases, and services.
  • Drop unnecessary text. Convey enough information but use text to draw people up to your table.
  • Don't forget to brand it. Tabletop displays are out in front of your booth or exhibit area. It’s the first place people might really get a look at your logo and who you are.
  • Match or accent your other displays. Give your entire display some synergy by making sure your tabletops match the rest or accent it appropriately.

Tabletops as point of sales displays

Setting up a sales display as a retailer requires more than just merchandising experience. You need to know what motivates buyers.

  • People buy impulsively for a number of reasons. They simply love shopping, fear of missing out, and the desire to save or get a bargain. Tabletop banners and other tabletop displays designed with these things in mind can increase a point-of-sale effectiveness.
  • Different colors evoke different emotions for people based on age or gender. Red is often associated with excitement. Orange conveys urgency. Blue usually means stability or trust. Companies often use pink in displays that are targeted towards women. Know who you’re marketing the sale to and what colors to use to tap into buyer emotion.
  • Line of sight makes a big difference. Putting the banner advertisement in a place your intended audience is likely to see it the easiest. These practices are used to sell sugary cereals and snacks, by putting them low enough where kids are more likely to see them.
  • Play let’s make a deal. Buy-one-get-one-free deals always entice. The thought of buying two or more of a product and saving a dollar encourages buying more units.

Benefits of Tabletop Displays

At any trade show or event, tabletop banner displays help you save room in your booth or behind your event table. They allow you to make the most of your presentation area at any event without hiding or diminishing your message. The different sizes and shapes you can find them in fit virtually any type of event and table. If they catch the eye as intended, it brings people closer to your table or display for a closer look, which is the goal of any banner display.

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