What is SEG?

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

What is SEG?

SEG, short for silicone edge graphics, is a fresh, modern way to advertise your business or showcase a message. Silicone edge graphics get their name from the thin silicone strip that is sewn directly into the edge of the graphic. This strip is pressed snugly into a recessed groove within a frame, which allows you to pull your graphic tight for a seamless, wrinkle-free appearance. The tension fabric is carefully sized to fit tightly within the frame, making this easily one of the best looking and most convenient graphic styles. Frames for silicone edge graphics are thin, giving these displays a near frameless appearance.

Our silicone edge graphics are printed on high-quality polyester fabric using a dye sublimation printing process. This two-step process involves using high heat to transfer ink directly into the material, so it becomes a part of the graphic itself. The result is bold, vibrant, photo-quality artwork that is sure to wow any customer, tradeshow attendee, or passerby.


Why Major Brands and Retailers Love SEG, and Why You Should Too

In the retail and trade show worlds, SEG has become the next big thing. Major brands and retailers have started adding SEG displays into their advertising repertoire to stand out amongst their competition. SEG displays provide a striking, contemporary look and are extremely user friendly when it comes to installation.

The fabric installs so easily into the frame’s recessed grooves that it can be put on in minutes and often requires only one person. When it comes time to take the graphic down or switch it out for a new one, removing it is as easy as pulling the sewed-in tab. This makes SEG fabric an ideal advertising tool for brands that want or require frequent signage changes.

Dye sublimation printing gives these displays the most crisp, vivid graphics available. These photo-quality images are glare-free, meaning the featured artwork can be seen clearly from nearly any angle and is great for being photographed. Better yet, because the image is dyed directly into the fabric, these graphics are also fade resistant and will last for years. Many frames for SEG fabric offer backlit options, which can make your message shine even brighter.


What are the benefits?

The fabric itself is one of the major benefits of choosing SEG. Polyester is glare free which allows for maximum visibility, and the dye sublimation printing process makes your graphic machine washable in cold water. This allows for fade-resistant artwork that is bold, bright, and true to your design.

The special frames that accompany silicone edge graphics have a low profile, giving you a frameless appearance that is sleek and modern. The frame’s recessed grooves hold the silicone edge tightly, leaving you with a taut display that is free of wrinkles.

Unlike many other displays, SEG can fold up for easy transport and storage. You can also try rolling the graphic for storage and transportation as a great way to reduce any wrinkling that may occur. The fabric is lightweight and easy to install and take down, perfect if you are using these graphics for trade shows or in an environment where frequent signage changes are necessary. Shipping costs for these types of displays are often significantly less expensive because they are so lightweight and take up much less space than traditional printed graphics.

Caring for your SEG fabric

When not in use, your silicone edge graphics should be neatly folded or rolled and stored in a dry place or a bag if you have one available to you. Though the fabric is naturally wrinkle-free, any imperfections can be safely removed with a standard steamer. If a spot clean is necessary, you should do so by gently wiping the graphic with a wet cloth. SEG fabric can also be machine washed with cold water on a gentle cycle, but dry cleaning is not recommended.

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