When to Order Banner Stands

Posted on 24, March, 2020

Last Modified on 24, March, 2020

There are a number of different variables that go into creating a timeline and date to order banner stands. The obvious starting point is the date you will need to use your banner. From there you can determine the date you need to order, which is dictated by printing, production and shipping times. You should also allow enough time for quality communication before your banner stand goes to the printer. The kind of use you have for banner stands may also affect your ordering timeline.

What date will you need to use it? The best practice for ordering banner stands, banners or even trade show displays is to circle the date you need to use it and work backwards. Some companies do offer quick turnarounds, like a 48-hour turnaround after proof approval while avoiding rush shipping charges. But, putting yourself up against a tighter deadline can lead to a little more anxiety about having it in time.

What are you using it for? If you are ordering banner stands for a marketing display at your store or for an event, you might have a little more time before ordering. If you need a banner for a trade show, especially if you will be shipping it there, you have to order and have the banner in time for you to ship it by the trade show venue’s deadline. Your other option, if applicable, is to have the printing company ship the banner stand directly to the venue. Just be sure to have those instructions and paperwork all in order.

Who is designing the banner? Depending on who is coming up with the graphics and design for the banner stand, your timeline may vary. If you are using a professional graphic design artist, you will need time review what the graphic designer puts together and approve or suggest changes. If you are designing it yourself, you should plan for enough time to adequately provide the artwork and communicate instructions or additional details to the printer as well as receive any feedback if it needs editing on your end.

Allow for timely communication: You should plan your order of your banner stand in advance enough to have time to adequately communicate with the printing company. That means counting non-business days as time you will not be able to communicate with them about your order as well as accounting for a possible time difference. If you are ordering during a particularly busy time of the year, communication may not be instantaneous. While you should choose a printing company that provides quick and quality customer service, build in a buffer time in case things break down.

Other factors like your order size will also need to be considered. If you are ordering a banner stand for anything other than a trade show or conference, you should have plenty of time to order and receive your banner one-to-two weeks before. For trade shows and conferences, four-to-eight weeks at the least should give you enough of a safe window.

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