Outdoor Events Package
Outdoor Events Package Large A Frame Sign Clear Tent Half Wall Canopy Tent Angled Blade Flag
  • Includes Custom Printed Canopy Tent
  • Large Double Sided Outdoor Frame Sign Stand
  • Angled Blade Flag
  • All items include custom printing
  • Clear Protective Barrier (1 WALL ONLY)

Outdoor Event Package

$1,709.99 / Each (USD) SKU: OTDTNTBAKT
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Outdoor Event Package w/ Clear Barrier

Attending your first outdoor event and in need of a booth? This package covers everything you need to showcase your brand. This outdoor-centered package comes with a canopy tent, a clear barrier half-wall, large a-frame sign, and an angled flag. All items come with custom printing! All items are made with durable materials that will withstand outdoor conditions.

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