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Magnetic Sign Frame - Hardware Only

$99.00 (USD)
SKU: I003979


Graphic W x H (in.):

Magnetic Sign Frame - Hardware Only

Get long lasting use from your Magnetic Frame Sign by purchasing the affordable hardware frame replacement option for this sign display. The replacement hardware includes the aluminum alloy frame and magnetic receptive steel plates. The hardware replacement frame is available in all three sizes: 14" x 22", 22" x 28" and 24" x 36" and your existing custom printed magnetic media attaches easily to your new hardware frame. A custom printed magnetic media replacement option is also available in all three sizes and allows you to update your marketing message and graphics instantly. The Magnetic Frame Sign is a unique, easy to way to showcase any message and take advantage of your marketing space in any retail store, office, restaurant or any business or personal setting.

Features and Benefits:

  • Affordable way to utilize a new aluminum, magnetic receptive alloy frame for your wall frame sign display
  • Custom printed magnetic media attaches to frame easily
  • Available for all three sizes: 14" x 22", 22" x 28" and 24" x 36"
  • Easily install your existing graphics onto the new hardware frame
  • Replacement custom printed magnetic media graphics option available in all three sizes
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