Breakaway Banner with Graphics
Breakaway Banner with Graphics Breakaway Banner with Graphics
  • Durable Vinyl Material
  • 3 in. pole pocket on each side
  • Fits 1.5 in. pole (not included)

Custom Printed Vinyl Breakaway Banners

$77.99 / Each (USD) SKU: BKAWYBNR4896
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Custom Printed Vinyl Breakaway Banners

Make an entrance with our custom printed breakaway banners! These banners are made with durable 13oz vinyl, which makes it sturdy and non-sagging before people run through it. The middle of the banner's breakaway function works with simple Velcro. The Velcro easily lets go as soon as pressure is applied to it. On each side there are 3in. pole pockets sewn in, which will accommodate a 1.5in diameter pole, whatever material you choose. (Poles are not included.) All edges of the banners are sewn, to ensure a clean look.

Using the Design it Online Function

When designing your breakaway banner online here are a few things to note: - The dotted lines that run vertical on the edge of the artboard indicate the beginning of the pole pocket, so please plan your design accordingly. - The middle vertical dotted line indicates the breakaway portion of the banner. There will be some overlap here, so it is not recommending to place small text here, as during the sewing/finishing process it could be cut off or not line up properly.

Breakaway Banner 96x48

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