Frequently Asked Questions

What are the End Caps for the Wide Base Retractable Stands?

End caps are plastic covers that go on either end of the aluminum hardware base of the stand. They are not a necessity but they do add a more finished look to the stand. They are available in multiple colors, or you can choose to purchase a banner stand without them.

Can you explain CMYK printing vs. PMS Colors?

All of our printers print in CMYK. Pantone spot colors (PMS) are solid inks that are assigned numbers that look the same no matter who prints them. CMYK colors are created using a mix of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks. Since there are variations between presses, press operators, materials and other factors, CMYK colors are not guaranteed to be perfectly reproduced between printers or even print jobs.

What is a dye-sublimation printer?

Our dye-sublimation printers have a direct to fabric printing, where the ink is applied directly to the substrate and sublimated with heat and pressure that is built into the printer. Textiles can be customized with photo quality images that become a permanent part of the fabric. The quality of the stunning, high color images is perfect for any tradeshow display banner or custom table throw.

Is a copy of your W-9 form available?

Our W9 form is available for download here as a PDF document: W9 Form

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, we ship domestic and international.

How do I place an order? Can you take an order over the phone?

The fastest and easiest way to place your order is by using the “Add to Cart” option on the website.

I have tax exempt status. How do I place an order to make sure that is honored?

For details on how to place a tax exempt order, visit this page.

Can I make a “wall” out of the banners? Will the pictures connect?

Most standard banner stands have a gap between graphics, however, our Link Banner Stands will create a wall effect with a very minimal gap between images. The bases secure together magnetically, ensuring a professional presentation.

Can I get pictures off the Internet? Why or why not?

Not usually. Most pictures retrieved off the internet are very small with low resolution. For best output, a high-resolution photo is suggested. Additionally, we always recommend submitting images that are either licensed for public use or to which you own the rights.

Who does the layout of the banner?

Graphics can either be done through your own resource or through our graphic design department. Specification sheets are available on our website for each product. If you need some help with design or layout of your item, we offer graphic design services for $45 per hour.

What shipping methods do you use?

Our main carrier is FedEx. We also have UPS available. If you prefer to ship on your own account you can call to provide us with your account number. Please note that we cannot ship to a P.O. Box.

What is a digital proof?

A proof is a smaller version of your artwork that is meant to confirm the layout and color of your design. After you place your order and submit artwork our next step is to create a send you a digital proof. Timely approval of this digital proof gets your custom-printed item through the artwork approval process and into production to get to you as soon as possible!

How long will it take to receive a digital proof?

In most cases you will receive your digital proof within 3-4 business days after your order is placed.

What is the turnaround time for your products?

Turnaround times are clearly listed on product detail pages as 'Lead Time'. This is the time that your item will be in production (printing, sewing, etc.). At the

What is the difference in your materials?

We offer a variety of different materials, but some of our most popular are listed below:

What is the difference between the narrow base retractable unit and the wide base retractable unit?

Both the wide and narrow base banner stands are effective and durable advertising display solutions. Both offer a wide variety of printed substrate options. The Premium Wide Base Retractable Banner Stand features a thicker, self-stabilizing aluminum base that is a heavier weight than the same sized narrow base stand. Decorative end caps can be added to your wide base stand for an additional cost. Budget Narrow Base Retractable Banner Stands are characterized by a thinner base with feet that swing out from under the base for stabilization.

What is the difference between a Vinyl Banner and a Banner Stand?

A banner stand, or retractable banner stand, is comprised of aluminum hardware that holds our full color printed banner. When searching our site for "banner stand" you will find a variety of combinations of different hardware and materials that the banners are printed on. Banner Stands are mostly used for trade shows, retail stores, lobbies, etc.

Vinyl banners are a 13 oz material that we use for banners and signage without hardware. Just like our banner stand displays, our vinyl banners are printed in full color. Vinyl banners are great for both indoor and outdoor use and can be easily hung on walls, fences, and from ceilings using grommets. These are offered with or without grommets, and with or without sewn edges.

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