NEW! 8.25"H Chalkboard Table Top Sign

Availability: In stock

NEW! 8.25"H Chalkboard Table Top Sign

Availability: In stock

Display important or last minute information quickly and effectively with the 6”W x 8.25”H Chalkboard Table Top Display. Write a message on the acrylic chalkboard with a stylish black matte finish that will attract attention to your message. The acrylic writeable chalkboard features a vertical slanted “L” design that grabs attention from below sightlines at registers, countertops, table tops and other point-of-purchase display areas. Write a custom message about a sale, pricing, new items or about hours on the table top chalkboard with white or multiple colors of chalk or liquid chalk markers and have the ability to erase and right a new message quickly. Spray cleaner and an eraser will wipe out your original message cleanly and quickly and you can write a new one instantly. Chalk, liquid chalk markers, cleaner and erasers are sold separately. This compact, tabletop chalkboard allows you to write important custom messages instantly to communicate to your customers about anything in areas where you are looking to increase sales or attention.

Features and Benefits:

  • 6”W x 8.25”H countertop chalkboard sign display
  • Write, erase and re-write custom messages as often as needed
  • Perfect for quick, important messages about sales, information, prices at registers and tables
  • Upward slanted “L” shape design attracts attention to your message below sightlines on tables
  • Durable acrylic material table top chalkboard
  • Professional, stylish black matte finish
  • Create custom messages on board using white or multiple colors of chalk or liquid chalk marker
  • Chalk and liquid chalk markers sold separately
  • Board is easy to clean and erase with spray cleaner and eraser (sold separately)
  • Easy to create multiple, quick custom messages, information, prices and sales
  • Fits on any point-of-purchase display area to help attract attention to your message


Additional Information
PACKAGE CONTENTSPurchase Includes: 1- 8.25"H write on chalkboard sign (chalk and markers sold separately).
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