NEW! Aurora SEG Backlit Light Box Floor Display

Availability: In stock

NEW! Aurora SEG Backlit Light Box Floor Display

Availability: In stock

Post Up Stand’s Aurora SEG Backlit Lightboxes are custom printed, LED backlit displays that announce your business’ and brand’s presence at trade shows, conferences, marketing events and even in your own retail stores in a bold and impressive way. These backlit fabric displays are available in sizes of 5’W x 8’H, 8’W x 8’H, 10’W x 8’H. These displays are supported with a stylish satin silver aluminum frame and stabilizing bases. A dye sublimation printing process is used to custom print your graphics in full color on the backlit SEG (silicone edge graphic) fabric banner material for your LED lightbox. LED lights with wide angled beams are built into the aluminum frame and they illuminate the backlit SEG fabric graphics of your lightbox display. The silicone edges are sewn onto the ends of the backlit fabric material which allows it to be neatly tucked into the channels of the frame to allow you to display your graphics and message edge-to-edge with a seamless look. The silicone edge sewn on to the fabric material also makes it easy to install into the channels and remove so you can swap out your graphics with a new banner. Single sided printed lightboxes are wall mountable*. SEG fabric graphics also gives the material more durability so that you can install it into your display and remove as many times as needed without worry or major wear and tear. You can order any size of Post Up Stand’s Aurora SEG Backlit Lightboxes with single or double-sided graphics** and custom printed replacement SEG backlit fabric banner graphic replacements are available for all four sizes and as well as one or both sides. Each size of the Aurora SEG Backlit Lightbox comes with a hard-molded plastic case that stores all the hardware for your display safely and makes it portable. These backlit fabric lightboxes that are equipped with LED lights are powered by a UL certified power cord to allow the LED lights to transform your graphics and message into a show stopping display at every event or sale exhibit.

*Note: Drilling and additional hardware are needed to mount your single sided Aurora SEG Backlit Lightbox to the wall.

**Note: Single sided Aurora SEG Backlit Lightboxes use a white fabric banner to close in the LED lights of the display.

Features and Benefits:

  • Visually stunning LED backlit fabric display
  • Floor standing lightbox displays in sizes of 5W’ x 8’H, 8’W x 8’H, 10’W x 8’H
  • Custom printed backlit fabric material with dye sublimated printed graphics
  • LED lights with wide beam angles built into frame illuminate graphics on fabric banner
  • Stylish satin silver aluminum frame measures 4 ¾”D
  • Four stabilizing aluminum feet at all four corners of the display
  • Single and double-sided SEG (silicone edge graphics) available
  • Backlit fabric banner allows dye sublimated printed graphics to pop from LED lights and impress
  • Silicone edging sewn onto fabric graphics to give banner a clean, frameless look
  • SEG fabric graphics are durable with a quick and easy tool free system to replace graphics
  • Custom printed banner replacements available for single and double-sided displays
  • Each single size Aurora SEG Backlit Lightbox includes a hard-molded case with wheels
  • Single sided display wall mountable with drilling and additional hardware
  • 5’ x 8’ and 8’ x 8’ cases measures 53" x 15" x 12"
  • 10’ x 8’ case measure 65" x 22" x 9"
  • Electrically powered LED lights with UL certified power cord
  • LED lights last longer, run cooler and help your message and graphics stand out
  • Eye-catching display that helps your brand make a strong first impression at marketing events

Optional Configuration: Single sided printed lightboxes are wall mountable. Requires drilling and additional hardware is not supplied.

Additional Information
PACKAGE CONTENTSPurchase Includes: 1- backlit light box floor display in your choice of sizes 5’ x 8’, 8’ x 8’, or 10’ x 8’, printed single sided or doubled sided, hardware frame with lights, power cord, plus 1- storage case.
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