Cooler Sign Holder with Suction Cups – 4.5” x 14”

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  • Effective, easy to install 4.5”W x 14”H cooler, window or glass surface sign
  • Custom printed graphics on PVC direct sign and acrylic sign cover
  • Tool-free plastic sign holder with suction cups t.... Read More

Cooler Sign Holder with Suction Cups – 4.5” x 14”

Availability: In stock

Post Up Stand’s 4.5”W x 14”H Cooler Sign Holder with Suction Cups allows you to get any marketing message in front of customers in any busy shopping area of your store. Extend the reach of any marketing message, highlight new products or pricing right from your cooler doors, windows or even on vending machines with a UV printed PVC direct sign that installs into a tool-free black plastic sign holder. The sign holder includes an acrylic cover that protects your 4.5”W x 14”H custom printed PVC sign and the sign holder attaches to the glass or flat window surface with the included suction cups that allow you to quickly post your sign holder or remove to it and utilize it in another cooler or glass area. The Cooler Sign Holder with Suction Cups is a budget and space efficient way to make a significant marketing impact in highly shopped areas with full color, UV printed graphics in a user-friendly sign holder display. Insert your sign into the sign holder with the acrylic sign holder and attach the suction cups to the glass or window surface. You can easily remove the custom printed sign from the holder and install a new one just as easily with Post Up Stand’s affordable and convenient custom printed durable PVC sign replacement for this window sign display. A sign holder hardware replacement option is also available. To make an impact in a more compact, high-traffic area, order the 4.5”W x 7” Cooler Sign Holder with Suction Cups from Post Up Stand.

Features and Benefits:

  • In-store cooler advertising sign that gets your message in front of customers
  • 4.5”W x 14”H easy to install sign that attaches to cooler doors, window, glass surfaces and vending machines
  • Full color, custom printed graphics on PVC direct signage that slides easily into sign holder
  • Non-obtrusive black plastic sign holder that comes pre-assembled
  • Included suction cups instantly attach to glass surfaces for easy installation
  • Effective and efficient way to take advantage of unused advertising space where customers are looking and shopping
  • Great cooler or vending advertising for option convenient stores, gas stations or on windows and vending machines
  • UV printing process creates your eye catching, full color graphics on the 4.5” x 14”H PVC direct sign
  • Sign holder hardware replacement and custom printed replacement graphics on a durable PVC sign available individually
  • Also available in 4.5”W x 7”H size to make an impact on more compact surfaces
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