1. Features and Benefits of the Modular Tension Fabric Banner Collection

    Features and Benefits of the Modular Tension Fabric Banner Collection

    The Modular Tension Fabric Banner Collection inspires creatvity with the power and freedom to utilize any of these displays to fit any trade show booth, event space and budget with its vesatility. 

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  2. December 2018 Top Trade Shows

    December 2018 Top Trade Shows


    When: December 4-6
     Orange County Convention Center – Orlando, FL

    Key Exhibitors

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  3. 18 Small Business Saturday Ideas & Tips

    18 Small Business Saturday Ideas & Tips

    Much of the media attention around holiday shopping season is dedicated to Black Friday and more recently, Cyber Monday, as well. As soon as Thanksgiving ends, consumers turn their attention to holiday shopping.

    Small Business Saturday was coined and trademarked by American Express in 2010 to encourage communities to promote locally owned businesses. Over 108 million shoppers spent $12.9 billion across the US in 2017 on Small Business Saturday at local, independently owned businesses. While that number is down, it is still significant business and an opportunity you want to take advantage of if you are a locally owned and operated establishment.

    There are several avenues you can utilize to get your message and you should take advantage of all that are applicable to your business. Here are 18 tips for your company to use and remember on Small Business Saturday in 2018.

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  4. Why You Need This One Type of Retail Sign on Black Friday

    Why You Need This One Type of Retail Sign on Black Friday

    While online shopping around the holiday season has cut into in-store purchases on days like Black Friday and other weeks around the holiday shopping season, plenty of crowds still gather in lines at stores on Thanksgiving night and early Friday morning to get great deals.

    Every year there are viral videos on social media and news footage from shoppers at stores during this season. Some of that footage happens to catch lines and crowds in messy store traffic situations. Issues created by heavy in-store traffic during those times can be inevitable, but there are also easy solutions to alleviate some of those issues in several ways.

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  5. Best Graphics Files for Large Format Printing

    Best Graphics Files for Large Format Printing

    Post Up Stand is committed to make sure you’re getting the highest quality printed products every time you order. Submitting your graphics and artwork in the optimal form helps us ensure your custom printed banners and displays soar past your expectations.

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  6. Black Friday Signage Graphics Tips

    Black Friday Signage Graphics Tips

    As previously noted, in-store signage can positively impact your sales and the overall customer shopping experience. How you design your signage, right down to the graphics, text and color, has an affect on the type of impact they will have.

    Research and studies suggest that each individual color triggers unique senses, feelings and reaction in the human brain.

    According to this sourced blog from Insights In Marketing

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  7. Black Friday Retail Signage Ideas

    Black Friday Retail Signage Ideas

    Over 174 million people reportedly participated in retail shopping in 2017 over Thanksgiving Weekend, starting with the retail “holiday” Black Friday. 45% of those people made at least some of their purchases in-store.

    Your retail signage displays play a huge role in the success of your company’s sales and execution of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.

    Retail signage can also either positively or negatively contribute to the experience of the shopper. Well designed and well-placed signage can make a big difference for your customer’s experience on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season.

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  8. 7 Trade Show Tech Tips for a Successful Show

    7 Trade Show Tech Tips for a Successful Show

    Social Media Display Walls:  Displaying your social media feeds at your trade show has the potential to fill several important purposes in your trade show success. It gives attendees and booth visitors an immediate idea of what your company’s purpose is for being at the show and what you are promoting. It alerts them to your campaigns, gives them a chance to see the conversation your followers and customers may be having at the show and about your company. There is also the potential for them to see what customers are saying about your product and service in real-time. Nothing sells your company and its products or services like good customer-feedback can. All of this can be incredibly beneficial for your trade show success because it clues booth visitors in to all this information and it can do so without anyone from your booth having to speak with them. In the event your staff is swamped with visitors or attendees are just walking around your booth to get some information,

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  9. Post Up Stand Celebrates International Print Day 2018

    Post Up Stand Celebrates International Print Day 2018

    International Print Day was created to celebrate the world of printing, from projects big and small. Printing began as one of the first major communication mediums and still holds important value for a number of reasons. Search for #IDP18 on Twitter to read about all the ways print impacts our daily lives and why it’s so important. Use the hashtag to tweet about how you use printed projects in your everyday life.

    This  article notes interesting research that shows why print remains an effective tool for readers and companies who utilize printed communication tools.

    What Post Up Stand Does for You

    There are many types of printing services, technologies and materials that you can take advantage of as a Post Up Stand customer. Here are some numbers and information that show how much Post Up Stand is capable of doing for any one order, no matter how big or small.

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  10. Trade Show Trends for 2018

    There are a few surefire ways to look inferior to a competitor at a trade show: unimpressive trade show displays and graphics and falling behind current trends. Post-Up Stand can help make sure you have all of these issues covered from trade show displays, to graphic design and by taking a look at some potential trade show trends for 2018.

    Every year there are a bevy of new trends at trade shows that can apply to almost every industry. There are new booth concepts, new ways to engage attendees, new evaluation tools and new ways to market your company at trade shows.

    Some trends are just evolving trends and some will be new to 2018. Technology is one of the ever-evolving constant trends that affect your trade show success.

    More Technology
    Every subsequent trade show you attend or exhibit at, the next on

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